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For coders and thermal transfer printers, choosing cheap options over those that are tried-and-tested and specifically designed will cost more in the long run.
For coders and thermal transfer printers, choosing cheap options over those that are tried-and-tested and specifically designed will cost more in the long run.

A consumables value proposition you’ll want to know about


Issued by iWrite on behalf of Pyrotec - Aug 23rd 2018, 09:56

Widespread budget constraints may tempt manufacturers to cut consumable costs by opting for cheaper options. However, for coders and thermal transfer printers, choosing cheap options over those that are tried-and-tested and specifically designed will cost more in the long run.

According to Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark’s General Manager, ‘Although manufacturers may save money initially, the harmful effect these consumables have on expensive printer parts will cost more money in the long term.’ He warns customers not to abandon the slightly more expensive official consumables for less expensive ‘grey’ options, specifically when it comes to Markem-Imaje’s Thermal Transfer (TTO) ribbon consumable.

To assist customers to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) Markem-Imaje, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMark, has introduced its Consumables Value Proposition for all its consumables.

The proposition offers four pillars:

Business continuity – To maximise uptime with high coding quality in terms of readability and resistance; and seamless plant management with tailored programmes that deliver the right products at the right time to match customer’s production planning.

Cost control –To reduce TCO with greater printer performance, lower running expenses, and higher coding quality; and to increase cost predictability and stability that secures prices over a period and reduces the cost of stock and transportation.

Continuous innovation – To meet customers’ evolving needs for new applications, new quality standards and new compliance requirements; and to introduce innovation from other industries to enable new business opportunities.

Sustainability – To help customers answer any regulatory or sustainability enquiries; and ensure the health and safety of customers’ operators and end-users while minimising environmental impact.

These pillars fall into three programmes – Essentials, Essentials Plus and Essentials Premium – that ensure seamless production management and cost-saving predictability depending on requirements.

Thermal transfer consumables

The four key pillars represent a value proposition for each technology, such as TTO.

TTO ribbon covers all flexible packaging coding needs while guaranteeing the best quality code, more production uptime and best-in-class service. Here’s how the pillars relate to TTO technology:

Business continuity: High quality and printing efficiency to maximise uptime
• Markem-Imaje ribbons are designed, developed and tested with SmartDate coders to offer the best quality on the market.
• The Xtra-ribbon is 25% more rub-and-scratch-resistant than most raider ribbons, ensuring codes are legible throughout the product’s life.
• Higher print speeds and high resistant speeds meet customers’ throughput.
• Longer ribbon length (1 100m) increases productivity by 20% (key for 24/7 production), reducing downtime, cost and storage space.
• Different leaders on the product family help avoid wrong ribbon selection in production.

Cost control: TCO optimisation
• Maintenance costs are reduced thanks to print heads lasting longer because ribbons require less energy to print.
• With some raider ribbons print heads wear out faster and need replacing more often because the top layer is too rough. Markem-Imaje’s specially-engineered ribbon ensures constant quality and maximum lifetime.
• Consumables are designed to produce less waste.

Continuous innovation: Innovative supplies for evolving needs
• Three ribbon solutions (Xtra, Xceed and Xpert) cover all flexible packaging coding needs – whether basic or complex – while guaranteeing best quality code, more production uptime and best-in-class Markem-Imaje service.
• 80% of applications are covered by Xtra-ribbon
• Ribbons cover all applications for speed, resistance, and colour availability.

Sustainability: Compliance, safety, environment-friendly, and managed waste
• Care and attention are given to complying with all standards and regulations – from raw materials to end of life.
• 100% Safe – no specific care for usage and manipulation, and no operator protection is needed.
• Recyclable, reusable or disposable.
• Longer length ribbon means less waste.
• Clear information on how to dispose of waste is provided.

Markem-Imaje consumables are consistent across the world. This means that customers with facilities in multiple locations can be assured that they will always receive the same product to achieve the same exacting standards.

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