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ACDOCOSA appointed exclusive distributor for Alpecin & Plantur


Issued by Juliette Verhoog n behalf of ACDOCO South Africa - Jul 5th 2016, 12:28

ACDOCO LTD in the UK is the exclusive distributor servicing the likes of Tesco, ASDA and Boots and opened the door for the South African operation to pitch for the business. ACDOCOSA’s Managing Director and Chief Shopper Officer, Jason Frichol stated that a contributing factor to the appointment was that as a specialist, ACDOCOSA is one of the few companies in its vertical that still owns, manages and continues to invest in its own fleet, warehouses and in store execution programmes.

This gives niche brands a competitive advantage versus simply outsourcing to a major third tier logistics provider where these brands don’t necessarily get the service levels and focus. The surgical focus and ownership of the logistics and execution layer is delivering accelerated growth beyond Dr. Wolff’s expectations.

Alpecin is Germany’s no. 1 male hair care brand against hair loss* for men. The range offers effective products for healthy hair and vigorous hair growth to help prevent thinning hair and male hair loss*. The Dr. Wolff laboratories developed the Plantur39 range of shampoos, tonics and conditioners based on a phyto-caffeine complex which helps to prevent hair loss* (*without a result of a medical condition) in women after the age of forty. It contains caffeine, zinc and niacin as well as an energizing ingredient combination from phytoflavones.

Sarah Edwards, Head of Principal Management & Market Development for ACDOCOSA says, “The appointment is yet another example of the specialist focus and innovation we bring to the categories we serve. Alpecin, Plantur21 and Plantur39 add to ACDOCOSA's strong armoury of niche hair care brands including the UK's #1 dry shampoo brand, Batiste along with a very exciting new launch to be announced shortly, another specialist hair care product with South Africa being at the forefront of the global launch.”

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