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Amarula's celebrating summer


Issued by DKC on behalf of Amarula - Oct 22nd 2015, 16:48

The temperature's up and it is time to tame the summer sizzle with a Mzanzi-style cooler, made with delicious Amarula Gold. Gorgeously aromatic and brimming with clear marula fruit notes, this spirit aperitif just begs to be mixed.

Here is a recipe for a long drink that promises refreshment in every drop. Combine Amarula Gold with cucumber, orange, lemon, berries, and mint and top off with a splash of orange juice, a dash of ginger beer and some lemonade to slake your thirst.


1 litre carafe (serves two)

4 shots (100 ml) Amarula Gold
1 shot (25 ml) orange juice
4 shots (100 ml) ginger beer
4 shots (100 ml) lemonade

1.5 litre carafe (serves three)

6 shots (150 ml) Amarula Gold
2 shots (50 ml) orange juice
6 shots (150 ml) ginger beer
6 shots (150 ml) lemonade

2 litre carafe (serves four)

8 shots (200 ml) Amarula Gold
3 shots (75 ml) orange juice
8 shots (200 ml) ginger beer
8 shots (200 ml) lemonade

Cucumber slices
Lemon slices
Orange segments/slices
Maraschino cherries / strawberries
A few mint sprigs
Ice cubes

Glass: Carafe (according to serving size) and tumblers or small glasses

Garnish: Cucumber, lemon and orange slices, and Maraschino cherries


Fill carafe with ice and add the Amarula Gold, orange juice, ginger beer and lemonade. Add cucumber, orange, and lemon slices, the berries and mint sprigs. Stir well and pour.

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