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Robbie Ferns, Sales and Marketing Manager for BlackBox Warehousing Solutions.
Robbie Ferns, Sales and Marketing Manager for BlackBox Warehousing Solutions.

An introduction to BlackBox - The long-term, full-service warehousing solution


By Jessi Wesson, Editor, FASTMOVING - Mar 26th, 11:06

With over 20 years' experience in supply chain management, BlackBox Warehousing offers secure, cost-effective and convenient warehousing and supply chain solutions. BlackBox is also a 51% Black Owned Business, which means their clients' own BBBEE status is enhanced by using their services.

Robbie Ferns, Sales and Marketing Manager for BlackBox tells us more about BlackBox's bulk warehousing solutions.

FM: Why is BlackBox a market leader and authority within the industry?
RF: We believe our approach to warehousing fees and how they are calculated is unique and always in our client’s favour. You only pay for the space you are actually using when you are using it. This is calculated at a daily level and on the actual sizes of the products stored so you are not paying for dead space or space not being used. This, together with our warehouse management systems, security measures and customer service we believe give us an edge.

FM: What differentiates BlackBox from the rest of the competitors in the industry?
RF: As mentioned above, our unique view on warehousing fees we have not really seen in the industry. This method is embraced by our clients. Due to our uncomplicated structures, our service and speed of getting things done is fantastic. We constantly receive positive feedback on our service from our clients on these aspects. We are also not the type of business that becomes complacent, so we consistently ensure we are one step ahead.

FM: What different solutions does BlackBox offer?
RF: Our core service is that of bulk warehousing and storage. Those can be both warehousing under roof and outside secure storage for larger items. The likes of car tyres and containers can be stored easily in our large warehouse grounds. We also have additional service options of quality control checking and palletising if required. Insurance and rigorous security control are all part of the offering.

FM: Does BlackBox function as a self-storage facility, where clients can manage their own goods?
RF: No, we are a controlled and manned facility. Only our employees and security have access to the facility in order to ensure products are secure and inventory management is of the highest standards. We manage all the stock on a warehouse management system which does not lean itself to a self-storage operation.

FM: Are there size and timespan limitations involved with BlackBox’s storage offering?
RF: There are no specific product sizes or time limitations in place. Generally, we can warehouse just about anything. We however, do not store perishables and hazardous products in our warehouses.

FM: What additional services do you provide?
RF: Using our sister company Nexus Fulfilment, we do also offer distribution services. Some of our clients require collections and deliveries and we can assist with this service at highly competitive rates.

FM: What other areas in the industry is BlackBox looking to expand into?
RF: At this stage, we are focusing on expanding our client base and our warehouse capacity with existing services. We still have a lot of runway ahead on our core business so expanding into alternative industries is not on the cards in the medium to long term.

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