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Informed Decisions are solution builders of systems to give their clients accurate and real-time analytics to make an Informed Decision.
Informed Decisions are solution builders of systems to give their clients accurate and real-time analytics to make an Informed Decision.

An introduction to Informed Decisions' services and solution offerings


Issued by Traceability Solutions - Feb 25th, 15:45

Informed Decisions are solution builders of systems to give their clients accurate and real-time analytics to make an Informed Decision.

1. Why are Informed Decisions the market leader and authority within the industries
Informed Decisions create IoT solutions that improve your output throughout the supply chain. As a Proudly South African OEM, they provide a full IoT tracking and analysis solution that integrates sensors, tracking, and analysis technology with your production, distribution and resale channels to give end-to-end insights on any products.

2. What differentiate Informed Decisions from the rest of the competitors in the industry
Most of the competitors have a top-down approach, where they start with platforms and the idea of possible data, Informed Decisions approach is from the ground up, they see what data is needed from what location, then they build up the solution from sensors to communication devices, through to Gateways and Access Points through to a platform that gathers the data, they ensure that all gathered data is good and clean before they send the data a dashboard platform.

Informed Decisions do almost everything in-house from concept, design, electronics, firmware, hardware, platforms, front-end dashboards, and reporting. Their range of sensors and devices for gathering information allows them to provide the right hardware to gather and report on anything clients wishes to monitor. They are the true end-to-end solution provider on the Internet of Everything.

3. Informed Decisions different solution offerings
Informed Decisions are able to provide a comprehensive solution to any IoT application in the most cost-effective way, using the very latest technology and methods. Their solutions are cloud hosted on both Google and Microsoft Azure and are accessible via smartphones or web applications. They also provide solutions to customers who have already invested in monitoring platforms by offering a complete 2-way communication integration with any current system.

Sectors, where Informed Decisions IoT technology is currently being utilized effectively and making a difference, include the beer industry, FMCG, the hospitality sector, the water preparation industry, within the farming community, pharmaceutical manufacturing, transport and also at residential properties. Their IoT sensors can assist in determining if equipment is operating efficiently, in monitoring utilities, regulating irrigation systems irrespective of whether it’s on a farm or at home so the proper amount of water is given, to alerting you if maintenance is required on your equipment, to monitoring the quality of water delivered to households. “We can create a system specific to your needs.”

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