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Robbie Ferns, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nexus Fulfilment.
Robbie Ferns, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nexus Fulfilment.

An introduction to Nexus Fulfilment - The Third Party Logistics (3PL) specialist


By Jessi Wesson, Editor, FASTMOVING - Mar 9th, 18:26

With over 10 years’ experience in the fulfilment service industry, Nexus Fulfilment is a Third Party Logistics (3PL) specialist trusted for their expertise in the South African landscape.

Nexus Fulfilment was founded in 2007 and started out as a distribution service for loyalty and incentive programs, enjoying a close partnership with one of the largest providers of incentives, employee recognition and customer loyalty programmes. Since then, they have successfully delivered over 2.2 million awards and rewards to commercial and rural areas across South Africa and have recently expanded their service offering to include 3PL and specialist fulfilment services.

We chat to Robbie Ferns, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nexus about their 3PL services and solutions in the industry.

FM: Why is Nexus Fulfilment a market leader and authority within the industry?
RF: We have spent many years developing and fine-tuning our warehouse systems, processes, reporting and distribution capabilities with the objective of showing our clients continued improvements in the areas of cost management, service levels and innovation. We have been very deliberate in remaining focused as a service provider in the management of marketing materials and gift packing. By not being distracted from our core business we have not only retained premium clients but have gained new clients through rigorous tender processes.

We believe that this specialisation and the type of clients we conduct work for really makes us an authority in this industry.

FM: What differentiates Nexus Fulfilment from the rest of the competitors in the industry?
RF: We believe that our people, warehouse systems and the methods we apply to our rates differentiates us from our competition. Our people are driven by customers and we have a can-do attitude in everything we do. We know that this is not the case with many companies, not only in our industry but in general. Put simply, we just get stuff done. The leadership team all have decades of experience in various fields from customer marketing, courier, warehousing and buying so we fully understand what our clients are trying to achieve.

Our warehouse systems give complete transparency and were designed to manage the specific processes of kitting and gifting so there are no manual documents which usually open ups the opportunity for error and delays.

We also don’t bog down our customers with complicated rate cards that are impossible to understand and manage. We keep them simple and are always activity based. We believe that our customers should only pay for the actual space they are using and for the actual work we do for them.

FM: What different solutions does Nexus Fulfilment offer?
RF: Our solution can be broken down into three primary service offerings.
1. Overall warehousing, kitting and distribution of marketing materials for brands within South Africa. This involves the total management of various supplier deliveries, quality control, warehousing, kitting and delivery of final marketing packages including prizes into the market.
2. Warehousing, picking and delivery of branded staff uniforms and other corporate items for South African brands.
3. Overall management of gift packing. We manage the flow of materials into our facilities, construction of various gift sets and final quality control according to our clients' specifications.
All of our services include dedicated account management, detailed reporting and where applicable project management.

FM: You’ve recently introduced the services of gift packing and overpacking to your portfolio. What does this involve?
RF: We saw this area as an extension of our service offering a few years back. Some of our clients were really struggling with the management of creating gift packs. Warehouse space, flexible staffing structures and project management all seemed to be the challenges they were facing. We run the full project management and construction of the gift packs on our client’s behalf. This includes co/ordinating the delivery of the various items from their suppliers. Safe and secure warehousing with excellent stock control and construction of the gift packs, quality control and despatch according to a detailed production plan. In some cases, we manage the inventory items on our clients' systems where required. Collection and delivery services are also offered as part of the solution.

Typically, these projects are very high volume over a short period and are very time sensitive as they are event-based. The date of Fathers day by example is not going to move so ensuring that the gifts are made on time and in the market to sell has to happen, so we understand timing is critical. We are the company that make things happen.

FM: What other areas in the industry are Nexus Fulfilment looking to expand into?
RF: As I mentioned earlier we are a business that remains very focused on what we are good at. Our expansion into other vertical and horizontal services would always be very deliberate and considered. Management of events merchandise as an example is an area of opportunity for us. We have the logistics expertise and capabilities to grow that service.

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