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aQuellé’s pink bottles are back this spring!
aQuellé’s pink bottles are back this spring!

aQuellé goes pink for a purpose this Spring


By Jessi Wesson, Fastmoving - Sep 20th, 13:48

aQuellé’s pink bottles are back this spring! For the third consecutive year, aQuellé has gone Pink – for a Purpose!

By changing their natural spring water bottles from blue to pink, aQuellé is helping organisations who help people affected by cancer. Every pink bottle sold adds to aQuellé’s R300000 donation to CANSA, CHOC and PinkDrive.

We contacted aQuellé to tell us more about this brilliant campaign.

FM: What is your ‘pink campaign’ all about?
aQuellé: "We are a brand that is 100% FOR PEOPLE, and in Spring we change our 500ml and 750ml natural spring water bottles to PINK for a PURPOSE to help people. Every bottle bought contributes to the fight against cancer so our consumers can be part of the campaign and make a difference."

FM: How long will the campaign run for?
aQuellé: "Our pink bottles are already on shelf and will be available for the month of October."

FM: How else can the consumers become involved?
aQuellé: "Knowing how South Africans celebrate their participation as “Pink for a Purpose” heroes, we have also provided a platform this year for consumers to share their enthusiasm via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. They can create unique pink posts and share these with their friends and family, thereby spreading pink hope even further."

FM: Where else can we see your involvement?
aQuellé: "Look out for us at a number of community and cause-related events, where we will provide refreshment for the same purpose – the most natural and refreshing way to support the fight against cancer!"

FM: Can you tell us more about the charities which you have chosen as beneficiaries?
aQuellé: "CANSA, CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation) and PinkDrive are all organisations that do much in the fight against cancer. They provide support, resources and education to people affected by cancer and the public and it is wonderful to be able to support such organisations and make a contribution to their work."

FM: Do you have a message for consumers out there?
aQuellé: "Thank you for supporting a good cause and for being PINK for a PURPOSE heroes by drinking pink this spring!"

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