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Batiste™ the #1 dry hair shampoo in the world.
Batiste™ the #1 dry hair shampoo in the world.

Batiste™ the #1 dry hair shampoo in the world


Issued by Plato Communications - Dec 18th 2017, 13:32

Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo™ gives consumers the opportunity to feel refreshed and revived with gorgeously clean and fresh hair that has added body and texture. Batiste’s unique selling point is that no water is required to banish oily roots and give one’s hair the makeover it deserves, saving time on your morning beauty regime.

“To achieve #1 Dry Shampoo in the world as a result of consumers in over 60 countries enjoying the benefits of Batiste, is a phenomenal achievement and one we’re proud to announce that South Africa is part of,” says Dana Leibovitz, Brand Manager at ACDOCO.

In the brands core markets (UK, France, Australia, US, Canada, Mexico, Germany and China) which account for 94.7% of the reported global Dry Shampoo market sales, Batiste Dry Shampoo™ has a leading 35.7% market share and what’s more in each and every one of these seven markets, Batiste Dry Shampoo is the market leader. Batiste’s ™ award-winning formula, available in a wide variety of fragrances and designs with unique benefits such as a hint of colour (great for Brunettes!), Volume XXL for styling and up-doo’s amongst many others, Batiste’s ™ range is the clear winner.

“We are privileged to have a world leading brand and excited to have the opportunity to continue to educate South Africa’s hair and beauty industry and ultimately the customer about the wonders of Batiste. Our aim is to get Batiste into the hands of more and more customers so they can experience the game-changing product themselves and for South Africa to become part of this global revolution, contributing to this brand’s exponential growth,” concludes Leibovitz

Batiste Dry Shampoo is available at Clicks, Dis-Chem and selected Spar’s nationwide.
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