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Shared value project celebrates 16 000 trees this Arbor month.
Shared value project celebrates 16 000 trees this Arbor month.

BOS Brands celebrates 16 000 trees this Arbor month


Issued by Twiga Communications - Sep 13th, 15:03

South African Abor Week, which celebrates the beauty and importance of trees between 1-7 September every year, also promotes the need to plant and maintain trees across South Africa; it has done so since the 1970s.

In South Africa, trees are a crucial part of the environment, particularly in disadvantaged communities which are usually characterized by desiccated and bare areas. This year, during Arbor Week, BOS Brands, a popular local Ice Tea manufacturer is thanking its customers and consumers for helping to plant 16 214 trees since it launched seven years ago – achieved by it’s tree pledge; to plant and maintain one tree for every 2000 units sold. This is a significant milestone towards its target to plant and maintain 50 000 trees in Southern Africa by the year 2020.

Together with school children from Vuleka School in Randburg, Johannesburg, BOS and their partners Not-for-Profit organisation (NPO) Greenpop ceremoniously planted another 20 indigenous trees for Arbor Week (Tree 16 215 to Tree 16 234).

Vuleka School is attended by learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Melanie Sharland, Managing Director of the Vuleka Schools Group says, “Our mission is to make sure that our students become responsible citizens of the world who are aware of their role on their environment. The Tree Planting day ties up with our curriculum, because it teaches pupils to take ownership of their environment and that it is up to their generation to take what they have learned forward and continue to encourage a sustainable environment for themselves and for future generations.”

BOS Brands is passionate to do their bit and give back to society in a meaningful way. The tree pledge enables BOS to make a tangible difference to the communities where planting efforts have been conducted.

Vuleka School welcomes the BOS-GreenPop partnership’s efforts to educate its learners about the importance of trees for a sustainable environment and to encourage long term green living.

Statistics show that over 50 000 forests the size of soccer fields are cut down every day, in so doing emitting thousands of tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide into the environment. BOS is playing its part in curbing this destruction because, for every tree that is planted, 10kg worth of carbon dioxide is reversed.

Grant Rushmere, the entrepreneurial Founder of BOS Brands explains, “It has never been more critical for corporates to become involved in creating shared value and we hope that through our actions we can inspire consumers as well as other businesses to join the BOSify principle; namely to balance and neutralise the effect of consumerism with environmental regeneration.”

BOS Brands has been invested in planting trees since its first can of Ice Tea was sold in 2010. The company thanks all their customers and consumers for partnering with them and GreenPop in the journey towards planting Tree Number 50 000 by 2020 - or sooner.


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