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Production of healthy snack bars to benefit from Bosch expertise.
Production of healthy snack bars to benefit from Bosch expertise.

Bosch competence in single-source solutions wins over Canadian start up


Issued by ABI - Sep 13th, 14:18

Valued the world over for its portfolio of processing and packaging equipment for the confectionery, bakery, chocolate, dairy, and snack industries, Bosch Packaging Technology offers manufacturers single-source solutions for their entire production line. Recognizing this competence, Canadian snack manufacturer Riverside Natural Foods Ltd has purchased a complete solution from Bosch. The bar production and packaging system is easy to operate, hygienically designed, and offers the level of automation and format flexibility required to meet their growth plan.

Healthy snacks on trend
Riverside Natural Foods Ltd was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 2013. The company operates two production sites – one for private-label production and one for their own MadeGood® brand launched in 2014. In addition to bite-sized snacks and breakfast cereals, the MadeGood® portfolio also features premium granola bars. These organic and allergen-free bars contain an entire serving of vegetables and come in five different flavors.

“The demand for great tasting snack bars that are completely allergen-free is constantly growing, which is why we have continued to expand our workforce and capacity”, Nima Fotovat, President of Riverside, explains. let and Bosch offered leading technology for every part of the process”, Fotovat continues. “At PACK EXPO we will be able to take a first look at parts of our new line, which is very exciting for us”, Justin Fluit, Vice President of Operations at Riverside, adds.

Manufacturers’ search for a supplier of machinery can be challenging – especially for startups, which often grow rapidly and therefore cannot predict how production will develop. Riverside Natural Foods Ltd was looking for a long-term partner who could not only deliver reliable and flexible equipment that would help them go from strength to strength but could also provide expert advice on how best to meet complex market demands. The company reached out to Bosch in 2016, and after in-depth talks at interpack 2017 consolidated their decision to work together.

The right technology for premium products
Once the granola bar ingredients are mixed, the WRF 600 Flex roller former and new WRW 600 Flex compression roller shape and compress a precisely measured slab. Combined, the WRF and WRW operate with full flexibility in terms of width, weight, and height. They are designed to prevent cutting off or 'trimming' edges and thus minimize product waste. If required, a sprinkling unit can add chocolate drops before the rolled out slab is pre-cooled, cut lengthwise, and fanned out, only to then be cut crosswise and cooled completely.

The granola bars then enter the Sigpack DGDE, a new distribution station that gently places the products in line. The electrical cabinet amongst others is now integrated into the layout itself, resulting in an increasedoutput per square meter. The intelligent Sigpack FIT product infeed with linear motor technology facilitates push-button format changes, as well as fast, non-contact and gentle product feeding. Next, the products are transported to the Sigpack HRM flow wrapper, which wraps 600 MadeGood® granola bars per minute. The application of Bosch’s patented, fully automated high-performance splicing (HPS) unit to the flow wrapper enables seamless splicing, improves line efficiency by minimizing downtime and reduces product waste.

The wrapped bars continue on to the Sigpack TTM1 topload cartoner, which forms, loads and closes up to 100 cartons per minute. The patented change-over concept allows for maximum pack style flexibility. The cartons are then processed by the Elematic 1001 sideload case packer, which packs them into Regular Slotted Cases (RSC), also known as American cases. Both, the Sigpack TTM1 and the Elematic 1001 are ergonomic, robust and enable tool-less changeovers in just a few minutes. In the last step, a so-called Cobot - collaborative robot - handles palletizing.

As an innovative and future-oriented company, Riverside uses the Bosch HMI 4.0 (Human Machine Interface) as a central element of operators’ day-to-day tasks, taking quality, productivity and efficiency in production to the next level while ensuring and improving the sustainability of these processes.

Raising the bar in terms of flexibility
“Riverside currently packages three different formats for customers in over 30 countries. Consequently, quick changeover times are crucial in order to switch between the different formats with maximum efficiency and flexibility”, Klaus Haebig, the Sales Manager NA at Bosch Packaging Systems in charge of this project, explains. Nima Fotovat adds: “Bosch excelled in terms of expertise and consulting throughout the planning process. Their team was very understanding and took all of our needs into consideration, which we appreciated as such a young and small enterprise. Now we are eager to start production on our new line and realise the benefits of our investment.”


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