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 Cadbury unveils new look P.S. #SayItWithPS


Cadbury unveils new look P.S. #SayItWithPS


Issued by Plato Communications on behalf of Mondelez SA - May 11th 2017, 11:42

Cadbury P.S. has taken sharing heartfelt messages to new heights with the launch of its new packaging design and updated range of messages that will be brought to life through a unique QR code share function.

The new design boasts a premium look and feel with 10 on-trend and interactive ways of saying it with P.S., such as Thanks, Besties, #winning, I’m Sorry, YOU’RE AWESOME, BIG hugs, I©YOU, be my bae, HAPPY BDAY and #JustBeStrong.

Cadbury P.S. encourages consumers to interact more with each other by introducing a QR code function that unlocks shareable video content that brings the messages on the bars to life.

To get in on the action, all consumers have to do is BUY any new look Cadbury P.S. bar, then DOWNLOAD a free QR reader onto their smartphone from an App or Play store. SCAN the QR code on the packaging and watch how each bar reveals the unique video content to SHARE on Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, consumers can save the video received and share it over WhatsApp directly with their friends and family (dependent on the phone model).

What’s more, consumers will constantly receive different video content to SHARE each time they BUY and SCAN the QR code on the Cadbury P.S. bar. Allowing them to always be connected with friends and family through fun and emotive messages.

“We are truly excited about the launch of the new look Cadbury P.S. and how innovation, technology and design of the packaging has come together to create a new sharing experience for consumers to say more” says Grant van Niekerk, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate. “This new element is fun, interactive and also adds value to our consumers as they can share meaningful content with one another in a matter of minutes.”

The new look Cadbury P.S. bar, are available nationwide in the same delicious caramilk and chocolate variants.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Cadbury P.S. will also be encouraging consumers to #SayItWithPS for a chance to win a make-over experience for themselves and their mother-figure to the value of R10 000. To enter, simply describe your mother or motherly figure in five words on Cadbury P.S. Facebook and Twitter pages using #SayItWithPS.

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