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Christmas: Hottest gifts for children this year are largely tech-driven
Christmas: Hottest gifts for children this year are largely tech-driven

Christmas: Hottest gifts for children this year are largely tech-driven


Issued by Corporate Image on behalf of Pick n Pay - Dec 9th 2014, 12:57

Technology is the name of the game this year when it comes to Christmas gifts for Children.

This is according to Mark Wood, General Manager General Merchandise Division Buying Division at Pick n Pay, who says, similar to last year, the retailer is expecting sales of traditional toys to be flat this year as children migrate towards digital products.

“We are seeing again this year that the digital category of toy is growing at an exceptional rate. This is a continuing trend from last year but it seems to be growing at an even quicker rate this year and is likely to continue for some time,” he says.

In terms of individual brands that will be in high-demand this year, Woods predicts that the Leapfrog range of products, Nerf and Mattel brands are most likely to fly off the shelves this year. Other premium toy products like Furby, which also featured as a hot seller last year, and the Tekno range of toys are also like to be hot sellers in the festive season rush this year, says Wood.

Meanwhile, Wood says children’s educational ranges are still growing in popularity, particularly among the younger age groups and with particular focus on children’s laptops and electronic learning boards.

“And we cannot ignore the Loom bands that have taken the world by storm. These are on the top of the wish list of almost every child who does not already have one and we are expecting good sales in this line as well as it is a great Christmas gift,” say Wood.

Wood says another item expected to do very well this year is Robo Fish as well as Robo Mermaid, which is exclusive to Pick n Pay; as well as sports bikes and Disney Junior products.

Interestingly, Wood says while DVDs as a category is definitely in a downturn, sales of children’s DVD’s are expected to increase this year – in a continuum of last year’s trend in this category. “This is mainly due to the good-value special we have on children’s DVDs which offer 2 for one deals and other discounts,” says Wood.

These specials enable parents to build a library of DVD material to keep at home and do not have to rely on television channels to show age-appropriate material.

“Many parents do not want their young children to watch some of the shows that are aired on television but it is very difficult to control this with such a wide range of television channels available and with children being so tech-savvy these days. Therefore, by being able to be selective in terms of the DVDs that are kept at home, parents are able to reclaim some of the control,” explains Wood. Click here for more information on Pick n Pay 

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