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Clover Mama Afrika, Clover’s CSI project, recently celebrated its 14th birthday.
Clover Mama Afrika, Clover’s CSI project, recently celebrated its 14th birthday.

Clover Mama Afrika celebrates 14 years of success


Issued by JNPR - Oct 29th, 13:13

Clover Mama Afrika, Clover’s CSI project, celebrates its 14th birthday this October. As we celebrate this milestone, we look back at some of the success stories that have resulted in Clover Mama Afrika becoming the most recognised corporate social investment project in South Africa, with a total of 22 awards under its name, which include the prestigious Trialogue Strategic CSI Award.

Clover Mama Afrika aims to empower women across the country with vital skills to ensure that they create a sustainable income for themselves as well as those in their communities. The project has successfully achieved and continues to achieve its goal of contributing towards social economic development within the various communities in South Africa.

To date, Clover Mama Afrika has appointed a total number of 45 ‘Mamas’, who collectively care for almost 13000 children and nearly 1 800 elderly people, many of which are abused, orphaned, homeless and vulnerable.

Their recent achievement; winning the Trialogue CSI Strategic award, proved why the project is so successful. The judges commended the project for having a positive developmental impact that goes beyond brand reputation. They noted, that for CSI to be strategic, it must have a positive developmental impact that is aligned with and contributes to the priorities of the business, beyond reputational impact. They found Clover Mama Afrika fulfilled this task.

This is because the project, as they noted, has fostered a spirit of caring and protection of vulnerable groups, and helped develop and transfer income-generating skills in low-income communities across South Africa. Especially impactful, is that the project is representative of a vast rural agricultural industry where women have fewer work opportunities than men. Thus, the project addresses a gender issue, an economic issue and a social issue in relation to wellbeing realised through participation in enterprises.

As we toast to another successful year of amazing work, we look at some of the phenomenal Mamas whose lives have transformed through the essential skills that Clover Mama Afrika has empowered them with.

Mama Mirriam Makamu
Mama Mirriam Makamu who runs the Sipho & Mary Bakery in the heart of Tembisa joined the Clover Mama Afrika project in 2015, after her husband, who was the sole breadwinner, became unemployed. Refusing to become another statistic of poverty, she took it upon herself to start baking products to sell at the local taxi rank. Fast forward to 2018 and Mama Mirriam is undoubtedly one the CSI’s projects most successful Mamas, with an income of over R 350 000 a month, with a team of 46 staff members, this Mama is a prime example that hard work truly pays off.

Mama Selestien Moses, Western Cape
Mama Selestien opened her doors to the community of Ashbury in 2007 when she started her care centre named Khayalethu, where she takes care of 290 children and 84 elderly people. Despite all the challenges that she faces as an NGO, she is motivated by the impact she continues to contribute to improve the lives of those in their community. Through her hard work, Mama Selestien has been offered the position of ward councillor and has become an exemplary spokesperson for Clover Mama Afrika and the members of her community.

Mama Emily Duda, Gauteng
Mama Emily, another phenomenal baker from Gauteng, who joined Clover Mama Afrika in 2011, was the first ever small business owner to be appointed by the Clover Mama Afrika project. Her passion for baking and her hunger to succeed led her to work at the Tea Garden situated in Muldersdrift. Through her consistent hard work, she was given the opportunity to run the in-house bakery at the garden centre. Mama Emily currently employs four staff members in her bakery and has transferred a total number of 17 skills to those that have worked with her.

Mama Yvonne du Preez, Northern Cape
Mama Yvonne, a former Captain in the South African Army, joined Clover Mama Afrika in 2017. She proves that if you provide a woman with a skill, you empower a nation as when women are upskilled they uplift those around them and help their countries to become stronger and more prosperous. Mama Yvonne began her journey at the Oasis skills centre in 2008 which was previously run by Mama Mary Visagie. Here she gained eight years of experience which motivated her to open her own sewing centre where she currently employs two additional Mamas. Mama Yvonne’s vision is to lead her community to self-sustainability.

Professor Elain Vlok, Founder of Clover Mama Afrika says, “I am so proud of the 45 Mamas that have contributed to the success of this project. As at our mid-year evaluation, the 45 Mamas have collectively transferred their skills to 10673 members in their communities, provide never less than 320 community members with permanent employment and run a total 143 income generating projects. In a country where poverty terrorises many households, it is inspiring to see women become more independent and creating their own opportunities, not only for themselves but those around them.”

To celebrate their birthday Clover Mama Afrika surprised their colleagues at their head office with scrappy quilt pot holders which were made with love and pride by some of the top sewers. Vlok adds, “We are truly grateful for the continued support we receive from our project partners such as MiX Telematics, Eqstra and Unicode Systems. Their continued support throughout the years has largely contributed to the project becoming the success that it is today."


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