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 Nicolene Di Bartolo Management Appointments has earned a reputation as a leader in the field.
Nicolene Di Bartolo Management Appointments has earned a reputation as a leader in the field.

Comprehensive, innovative recruitment solutions with Nicolene Di Bartolo


By Jessi Wesson, Editor, FASTMOVING - Apr 5th, 15:30

Since its inception in 1999, Nicolene Di Bartolo has continuously built and maintained exceptional standards of professionalism and integrity in the fields of executive search and management appointments. Thorough analysis and in-depth understanding of their clients and the industries they operate in, their expertise and skills honed over decades of specialist recruitment experience as well as their added-value services have earned Nicolene Di Bartolo a reputation as a leader in the field; leadership demonstrated through action.

We chat to Nicolene Di Bartolo about their executive search and management appointment services that are trusted by leading employers both locally and internationally.

FM: What comprehensive, value-added services does Nicolene Di Bartolo provide?
NDB: One of the greatest value-added services that we offer goes beyond the “what we do” – it sits within the “how” and that’s a bit of a trade secret … but let’s focus on professionalism and confidentiality and the discreetness required when engaging in an executive search process with both clients and prospective candidates. You cannot put a price to this nor can you itemise it on a task list – it is an inherent competence that develops with experience and exposure. Corporate companies and their representatives engage with Nicolene Di Bartolo because they have come to trust us and want to be associated with our brand in their quest to finding the right people for their businesses.

FM: What are the benefits of utilising recruitment and placement consultancies?
NDB: The long and short of it is that we specialise in recruitment. It is our business. This is how we earn a living, so of course, we need to know a few things. Knowing comes from experience and exposure and to a great extent also specialisation in some form. In our case, we specialise in the FMCG industry sector across all senior and executive management disciplines.

FM: Why Nicolene Di Bartolo for Management Appointments?
NDB: We know the mechanics of the FMCG manufacturing space, we know what qualifications and skills sets are required within various disciplines - we understand how these mesh together from raw material to the consumer and everything in between. And we’ve done it for years! Just saying…

FM: Why is Nicolene Di Bartolo best positioned to find the highest calibre of candidates to fill vacancies at management level?
NDB: Having specialised in the FMCG space for a number of years, we have established networks and resources we tap into – we are savvy in the use of a multitude of media platforms, apps, databases and more. More so, once we approach individuals, they generally know who we are, we are respected and considered professional and knowledgeable. People are willing to share information with us – we get the call back! Often our candidates become our clients and very often, our clients are our candidates too. There is a fine line and juggling these relationships professionally is not within everyone’s ability.

FM: What are the key steps are involved in the Executive Search Process?
NDB: Research – Target – Longlist – Evaluate – Shortlist – Present – Onboard - Maintain

FM: How have social media platforms such as LinkedIn made recruitment simpler and smarter?
NDB: It isn’t always simpler or smarter – often it is more complex because you cannot approach everyone and when you do make that call, the conversation is never the same. Access to information is quicker - social media platforms are smart, but the approach is never simple. Conversations have to be thought through before acted upon. Can we do without social media (ideally not) – we did in the past, but the process was much more protracted and you had to duck and dive your way past the gatekeepers - today everyone is visible and accessible.

FM: What are some key recruiting trends you have implemented in 2019 and what trends do you foresee for the future?
NDB: Flexibility is key – it is never a one size fits all – from methodology to terms (fees); if you are not flexible and agile in this regard, you are going to miss the boat. This does not mean doing everything at half the price – it’s about working smarter – stop the process at the point where everyone is comfortable. If you have to refer the candidate directly to the client because the client’s timeline has changed, so that - it does not mean your service is of lesser value – work with your client – it has to be a partnership built on trust. A true client will value that!

FM: What do clients say about Nicolene Di Bartolo?

Johnson & Johnson

“Johnson & Johnson has partnered with Nicolene and the team for a number of years now, working on senior roles across Commercial, Supply Chain and Manufacturing. Nicolene has invested time to understand our values, our business and our culture, and as a result continually presents us with strong, proven talent that has the right capability, both technically and from a culture/leadership perspective. Nicolene is thorough – she interrogates each and every brief and leaves no stone unturned. She is an excellent balance of human and professional and so working with her is not only very efficient and effective but also a pleasure”.

Bokomo Namibia

"Despite being based in Cape Town, Nicolene demonstrated the ability to effectively utilise her network across SA and in Namibia to secure an excellent appointment for us with a fast turnaround from briefing to Visa approval and onboarding. Nicolene participated in my panel selection process and I valued the contribution that she was able to make throughout the process."

"Her ability to understand and interpret the brief, come to grips with our culture as well as my unique requirements was outstanding. I can recommend Nicolene Di Bartolo as a business and recruitment partner without any hesitation."
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