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Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa.
Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa.

DHL SA looks to the future with appointment of new MD


Issued by Epic MSL Group - Feb 5th, 09:34

DHL has appointed Jed Michaletos as Managing Director of DHL Express South Africa, effective from 14 January 2019. Michaletos is responsible for driving business growth for the company in South Africa, with a strong focus on enhancing customer experience, employee engagement and service quality.

Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa says the logistics sector is facing rapid changes, driven by globalization, regulation and innovation, which is creating opportunities for those able to adapt. “Strong leadership is imperative in order to develop and implement plans to effectively leverage these trends in order to drive growth in all regions.”

Michaletos joins DHL Express from the South African Revenue Service (SARS), where he held the position of Chief Officer of Customs and Excise for two years. During his time in this role, he gained invaluable experience on the continent as Chairman of the East and Southern African region for the World Customs Organization at the Governing Council and Policy Commissions.

Prior to his role at SARS, Michaletos spent 18 years at Deloitte & Touche, where he held a number of positions – most notably Partner / Director from 2009 to 2015. He believes that this role greatly contributed to his ability to provide strategic leadership and oversight, whilst directing large teams to achieve excellent results.

Michaletos is excited to join the DHL family, especially this year, as DHL Express celebrates its 50th birthday. “It is a great honour to join the world’s most international company and I am looking forward to adding to the organization’s impressive legacy.”

“The world has changed a lot over the past 50 years, since DHL’s inception in 1969. Until today, their approach and dedication has remained the same. Never complacent, DHL has become a brand acknowledged for personal commitment, proactive solutions and global expertise. At the heart of DHL’s success, are their insanely customer-centric employees, and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead with them.”

Heymans says, “We are delighted to have appointed an executive of such high calibre and have no doubt that his expertise and understanding of the South African landscape and intricacies of global trade, will be a huge benefit to DHL Express.”

Michaletos is passionate about risk management and governance, which he believes to be the cornerstone of business. “I believe that honesty and integrity are not negotiable in business. This, combined with a strong focus on motivated people and customer centricity, will provide the foundation for taking our business in South Africa to new heights,” he concludes.


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