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 In this highly competitive market, manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate their products through innovative packaging to enhance brand image.
In this highly competitive market, manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate their products through innovative packaging to enhance brand image.

Enabling traceability in the Cosmetic Industry


Issued by Tracepack - Jun 25th, 10:09

The unitary product serialization (marking a unique code on each product) is an industrial revolution in progress. Allowing identification of each product unit, serialization opens the door to new services for brands and their consumers. It is a powerful tool to fight counterfeiting and parallel markets and also helps Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries to comply and facilitate with current and future.

Serialization makes each product unique through a code printed or lasered at the time of manufacture. This code tracks the entire life cycle of the product from manufacture to end consumer, tracing his journey along the supply chain. Traceability is an important means by which brands can protect themselves and consumers from counterfeit products.

For the brand, serialization provides in real time a precise overview of production volumes and allows access to the identification data of each product. Product serialization brings many benefits to brands and at different levels within the company.

It’s been said that by 2020 the way packages are printed for the cosmetic industry will be leaps and bounds above the printing used on many other packages. Laser technology can be used to apply codes, logos, sequential numbers, and images onto a wide range of materials such as plastics, cardboard, glass, etc. in a clean and safe way with great legibility, permanence and with low maintenance costs. Laser marking resists humidity, alcohol, and friction. When developing laser marking and coding equipment, Macsa ID takes into consideration the specific needs of the cosmetic sector to create a range of high quality marking and coding lasers ensuring the best marking of your products.

The most appropriate technology for marking and coding on each particular container depends on its characteristics, whether jars of cream, deodorants, aluminium spray cans, makeup as well as perfumes and colognes. Whatever the materials used Macsa ID solutions will guarantee clear, permanent and secure marking of batch numbers as well ass QR codes. Macsa coding systems enable your products to be identified throughout the entire length of the supply chain guaranteeing product integrity to your customers.

Tracepack can supply labelers, print and apply systems as well as coding systems such as lasers, TIJ and High resolutions printers which are used to mark Pharma codes or serialization or apply labels with the codes printed on them which forms the basis of any track and trace solution. Our brands are the most reliable, tried and tested models of marking, coding and labelling equipment available.
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