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Executive search recruitment tips - using social media to increase online exposure

Executive search recruitment tips - using social media to increase online exposure


By Nicolene Di Bartolo - Mar 18th, 14:32

When everything is done online - from shopping to booking tickets and much more, why not recruitment too? Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter have made recruitment much simpler and smarter.

Executive search recruiters, for instance, have now mastered the art of establishing online connections with potential candidates and even other recruiters. Meaningful relationships are being forged daily. This has helped bring the recruiters, the candidate and the client together for a more efficient recruitment process and extended reach. Not only are HR managers and recruiters able to follow the profiles of candidates and keep the conversations alive, but social media also helps in finding the right candidates in less time.

Although the introduction of social media to recruitment has resulted in many challenges and change of strategies for recruiters, it has also eased up the process significantly. It has become much easier to build connections and recruit people through effective referrals on social media. The three components of executive search recruitment – the employee, employer, and the recruiter are on the same page and connected.

Similarly, the platforms have helped smaller companies to recruit the top crop through effective brand awareness. Instead of spending a lot on advertisements and questionnaires for interviews, this has been simplified by social media. The recruitment time, therefore, has considerably decreased, at the same time, ensuring the process is transparent – keeping it discreet is the key though.

The advent of social media as an effective executive search recruitment tool, therefore, is definitely a blessing without any disguise. It has helped all sections of the recruitment industry and is bound to aid in reducing the time taken for recruiting the correct skills set to fill any job profile. Once again, the technique, approach and discretion is what sets one apart.

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