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Flexible film is a popular packaging format for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and building products.
Flexible film is a popular packaging format for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and building products.

Flexible film coders improve efficiency and deliver higher performance prints


Pyrotec - Oct 29th, 08:35

Flexible film is a popular packaging format for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and building products. The launch of Markem-Imaje’s three new thermal transfer overprinters (TTO), with new-to-market functionality, makes it quicker to code these surfaces while improving costs by providing deeper insights into production downtime and minimising mistakes. Markem-Imaje is locally represented in South Africa by Pyrotec PackMark.

Greater operational efficiency: SmartDate X45, X65 and X65-128
• MI Sigma: For the first time ever in the TTO market, coders come with a built-in process improvement tool. Once enabled, packaging line downtime reasons can be logged and analyzed, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
• Relative motion: This unique-to-market feature ensures codes are printed fully even if the packaging material stops halfway through the print for some reason.
• Quickest access to the most key performance indicators in TTO market: Home screen views are customisable to show up to 5 KPIs, from over 17 options.
• Fewer clicks to complete tasks versus competitor coders: Simplified pathway decreases time and scope for operator error when making adjustments.
• Large touchscreen: The 25.6cm size improves legibility.
• Embedded video tutorials and ‘how to’ modules: Step-by-step guides make daily operations quicker and more efficient.
• Higher performance prints: SmartDate X65 and X65-128
• Speed: The SmartDate X65 can print at 1 800mm per second to deliver 455ppm at 300dpi, surpassing an industry average of 120 to 160ppm.
• Wide area printing: The SmartDate X65-128 achieves 400ppm across an area up to 128mm x 500mm to deliver twice the variable print versus standard coders. It cuts costs and time when printing multiple codes on multi-lane lines and during late-stage customisation, which can include nutritional and allergen details.

Other cost and quality benefits offered by the SmartDate range:
• Dead-dot detection: Forewarning of missing dots lets operators make adjustments before printing problematic codes.
• Code checking: The Detect-Plus add-on confirms code presence, position, and quality on the product film directly, as opposed to competing solutions which check the printing impression on the ribbon and not on the pack.
• Best-in-class consumables: Ribbons are available for all materials with a base coating to maximise print contrast for better durability and legibility, while delivering up to 15% more codes per roll than other options.

The availability of these coders varies by market and will evolve over time. To enquire about South African availability, please contact Pyrotec PackMark.
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