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Food, compliance, and ink: The ins and outs of fresh produce marking


Issued by Traceability Solutions - Sep 26th 2017, 10:12

Marking and identifying products for distribution and sale

The amount of preparation that goes into the packaging, labelling, and distribution of food products is hard to ignore. If your business is active in food production or manufacture, or food wholesale, distribution, or supply, your mandate is to ensure that you keep compliant to the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Regulations (DAFF), but also to ensure that tracking, inventory, and distribution are supported by quality marking, labelling, and packaging.

Ensuring compliance with these guidelines gives you a supply chain that is uninterrupted by regulatory hold-ups, and facilitated by simple inventory management and distribution.

However, in addition to the regulatory guidelines, an item-level marking method is required to keep track of your produce and ensure that you avoid counterfeiting, tampering, and theft.

This is where it gets tricky: How do you mark individual pieces of fresh produce, while maintaining government compliance and health and safety standards?

Marking Fresh Produce: First, Do No Harm.
Especially not to your valued consumers.

The first step here is to make sure that you’re printing with non-toxic, edible ink. You may need to decide between UV visible and invisible inks for different products, and having the choice allows a more flexible solution to your business.

While the application of the marking is a consideration, the ink you use in any application method is key.

Application on Any Surface

To smooth the process, a conveyor system can be designed specifically for your business, with the printing and marking components included.

What should your key considerations be?

• Manufacturing is done in-house
• Can be customized to suit your individual needs
• Allows quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials

A Full Solution

It is important to ensure that your systems work together seamlessly, so investing in a fully-inclusive solution like POLYtrust gives you piece if mind, reliable systems, and a comprehensive solution that not only does the marking grunt work, but also contributes to your security and stock management.

What POLYtrust does:

• POLYtij HP thermal ink printers
• Covert invisible non-porous & HACCP food-grade inks
• HD barcode integrated in QR code for marketing & security
• “Closed loop” custom UV lens smartphone & Apps
• Custom Website & IT Validation

Keeping it Secure

Your brand could fall prey to any number of threats – counterfeiting, theft, and reputation damage included.
Our identification, authentication and track and trace methods help to protect your products, your supply chain, and your brand on a global level.

Contact TracePack for more, or discuss our solutions, or 010 020 7221.
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