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Hang, promote & sell!
Hang, promote & sell!

Hang, promote & sell!


Issued by Pyrotec - Mar 17th, 09:11

Do-It® Hang Tabs and Display Strips, available from Pyrotec PackMedia, offer the best in merchandising solutions. Our hang tabs have three main aims: to HANG, PROMOTE and SELL.

As consumers tend to purchase products that are elevated and in their eye-zone rather than products lying flat on shelves where they are not seen, the use of a hang tab allows you to place your products on retail shelf pegs where consumers will see them.

Promoting of products then becomes easier: products will be seen in busy retail environments. In addition, by using Do-It Display Strips, complementary products can be placed next to each other, in the same aisle for further promotion.

All of this culminates in increasing the chance of your products being sold.

Contact us today to find out how you can get your products hanging, promoted and ultimately sold.
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