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In today’s digital era, manufacturers are asked to enable greater supply chain transparency.
In today’s digital era, manufacturers are asked to enable greater supply chain transparency.

Improving supply chain transparency


Pyrotec - May 31st, 10:53

Markem-Imaje has released six packaging intelligence solutions that help manufacturers digitalise their supply chains more easily and cost-effectively to maximise profitability through improved line efficiency, reduced waste, and better compliance while offering more protection and promotion for their brands.

In today’s digital era, manufacturers are asked to enable greater supply chain transparency to make recalls quicker, tackle product diversion and counterfeiting, and improve profitability through better inventory management. There is also a growing desire to build closer relationships with end-users through digital marketing channels supported by specially coded packaging. The solutions launched by Markem-Imaje, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMark, help manufacturers meet these diverse objectives more easily and economically.

Digitalising packaging operations
To reap maximum benefit from the digital revolution, communication across the value chain needs to be efficient and accurate at unit, case and pallet levels. To save companies the time, cost and integration risks of digitalising their packaging operations in silos, Markem-Imaje has developed scalable, end-to-end solutions that are seamlessly integrated to help manufacturers maximise the benefits from digitalisation.

Because recognising priorities varies by company, the six new technology solutions run alone or together:

Product tracking: Creates unique fingerprints and aggregates data so that products are seamlessly trackable at item, case, and pallet levels, delivering reliability and safety for distributors, resellers and users. This not only makes recalls more efficient but also identifies product diversion and helps prove counterfeiting.

Promotional coding: Makes it easier to use packaging as a way of running ‘always on’ digital promotions. It removes the need for costly real-time controllers and hardware that have historically limited campaigns to a few lines or required pre-printed materials. Unique codes are printed on demand, even at high speeds.

Line and data management: Improves data accuracy and line efficiency by enabling seamless manual and automated data and information processing, marking and coding, including full integration with third-party systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).

Pallet tracking: Automatic application of compliant tracking labels containing real-time data enables seamless pallet tracking and no impact on production rates. It enhances traceability and improves compliance with supply chain and distribution requirements, minimising retailer fines and/or delivery rejections.

Coding integrity: Minimises rework and scrap by identifying product coding errors in real time so that manufacturers can address issues before too many products have been incorrectly marked.

Packaging integrity: Avoids waste from pre-printed packaging material mistakes by confirming codes are being printed on the material in the right orientation.

These solutions are based on the market’s leading information management system, CoLOS ®, which is proven with over 17 000 installations worldwide to effectively reduce waste while improving efficiency and traceability.

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