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Pagemark Africa the market leaders and authority within the industry.
Pagemark Africa the market leaders and authority within the industry.

Introduction to Pagemark Africa services and solution offerings


Issued by TracePack - Feb 18th, 11:07

Why is Pagemark Africa the market leaders and authority within the industry?

Pagemark Africa understands the complexities of the African market, our solutions are globally relevant to the African market’s needs. Allowing for the power of protection to be in the hands of the consumers, where it is really needed, for enforcement and compliance by brands to international norms and standards.

What differentiates Pagemark Africa from the rest of the competitors in the industry?

Pagemark Africa is the only company able to offer complete end to end solutions in brand protection, anti-counterfeit, fighting fakes and provide all parties in a supply chain the means to authenticate, track and trace any products.

We cover all aspects of overt, covert and forensic solutions for a multi-layered and comprehensive solution for our clients.

Pagemark Africa’s different solution/offerings

It is only a matter of time before a brand or product is copied and if a company is not protecting their brand and product then the consumers will lose trust and go to the competitor. Brands that provide their customers with tools to authenticate and engage with, will grow while others will die.

Some of our solutions are so secure and unique that they are either patented, secret or totally confidential in order to not let anyone, even within the top management of the client. Coupled with the ability to add traceability and equipment to apply or mark the items, without outsourcing anything.

Some of our secure offerings are so unique and special that the solution comes from only one entity globally and for a specific company.

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