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McCain straight cut fry chips 1kgs
McCain straight cut fry chips 1kgs

Let “Fry Chips” inspire you to turn everyday meals into something exciting!


Issued by Sabio Communications on behalf of McCain Foods - Mar 18th 2015, 14:32

There is nothing more satisfying than biting into a deliciously golden Fry Chip that is crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. Fry Chips are not only the perfect sides for hamburgers or hotdogs but can also be added to breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes, for an exciting and fun twist.

McCain, South Africa’s number 1 frozen potato supplier wants to challenge budding cooks to get into the kitchen and jazz up the traditional ways that you would eat Fry Chips. “The appeal of Fry Chips is firstly and obviously that they are delicious and are perfectly seasoned with a chilly spice or even the classic tomato sauce and mustard duo,” says Deolinda da Costa, Marketing Manager for McCain South Africa. “The secondary appeal is that frozen Fry Chips can be fried straight from the freezer and within 3 minutes you will have the perfect golden Fry Chip. Fry Chips are so versatile and can be incorporated into your family’s favourite dishes; all you need is a little Fry Chip inspiration.”

Fry Chips for breakfast? Some may say no, but we say yes! Think about how decedent Eggs Benedict would be lying on crisp strips of bacon and a stack of golden Fry Chips all smothered in a rich and creamy hollandaise sauce. Definitely a champion’s breakfast. What about snacks to serve your guests while the rugby is on? Why not serve up spicy Fry Chip nachos? All you need to do is replace the nacho chips with Fry Chips, place the chicken or beef strips over the chips, sprinkle with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and place in the oven, serve with smooth guacamole, spicy salsa, and sour cream. You could even turn a family classic, like cottage pie, into something fun, exciting and delicious by replacing the mash potato on cottage pie with golden layers of Fry Chips, sprinkle on some cheese and set under the grill for a deliciously different version of this classic.

“It is time to get creative with Fry Chips and make eating fun, innovative and exciting. Let Fry Chips inspire you to jazz up your family meals.” says Da Costa.

So what are you waiting for? Get down to your local retailer, buy a packet of McCain Fry Chips, and let your Fry Chip inspiration take over. Share your Fry Chip recipes with us on Facebook, and on twitter, @McCainSA, using #McCainFryChipsClick here for more information on McCain 

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