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Loaded Spanish Hummus.
Loaded Spanish Hummus.

Loaded Spanish Hummus


Pick n Pay - Feb 6th, 13:08

There's nothing ordinary about this spicy dip.


1 large red pepper
3 tubs PnP hummus, (120g each)
1 dash salt and milled pepper
1 squeeze PnP lemon juice
1 glug PnP olive oil
1 can PnP chickpeas, (410g), rinsed and drained
15 ml PnP smoked paprika, plus extra to serve
200 grams chorizo, diced
1 handful PnP chopped parsley, to serve
5 pitas, to serve.


Char red pepper over an open gas flame or under the oven grill until blistered and slightly blackened.
Place in a sealed bag or glass bowl covered with clingfilm and rest for a few minutes.
Peel skin off pepper and deseed.
Blitz pepper and hummus together in a food processor or with a stick blender. Season and add lemon juice.
Heat oil in a pan and fry chickpeas for a minute. Add paprika and fry for another minute. Remove and set aside.
Add more oil if needed and fry chorizo until crispy.
Remove from heat and cool slightly.
Spread hummus on a platter and top with chickpeas, chorizo and oil from the pan.
Scatter with chopped parsley and a dusting of paprika.
Serve with pita triangles.More Pick n Pay Recipes 

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