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Andrew Fosbrook, Director at MakeMeMobile
Andrew Fosbrook, Director at MakeMeMobile

Mobility remains the driving force in supply chain management


Issued by P and P on behalf of MakeMeMobile - Feb 24th 2016, 12:26

In order for the country to move forward, supply chain management to be effective, and business to continue growing, mobility remains the key to that door of opportunity.

There is no room for inefficiencies in the supply chain process. In order for companies to accurately and efficiently track and control deliveries, they need to improve productivity, accuracy, and operational excellence in their warehouses and distribution centres.

To address these needs and demands in the market, MakeMeMobile, specialists in mobile enterprise solutions, has invested in expanding its Johannesburg office.

According to Andrew Fosbrook, Director at MakeMeMobile, the demand for mobile enterprise solutions in the automotive, retail, and logistics industries, as well as the growing customer base in these sectors, have necessitated this expansion. “Business revenue has doubled over the past 12 months, with the acquisition of several large new clients, which reflects the market demands for various mobility solutions that include mobile yard management, mobile hardware management, mobile inventory management, and mobile delivery. To meet these needs, we recently moved to larger premises in the same office park in Johannesburg, and also tripled the workshop size to accommodate repairs from all regions in the country,” says Fosbrook.

MakeMeMobile’s expansion will allow the company to provide more comprehensive industry leading professional and support services to its customers, which include the expertise and guidance to design, develop, implement, and support optimal automated identification or mobile computing solutions within customers’ organisations.

Fosbrook says that the enterprise mobility market requires quality on ground support and services, where proximity is paramount. “We continue investing in our infrastructure in the regions to improve our professional services, which include our service desk offering, countrywide deployment capabilities, technical support, and repair facilities to ensure that we become the leaders in the mobility arena,” he adds.

MakeMeMobile has regional offices throughout the country and recently expanded its offices in Port Elizabeth, and relocated its Cape Town office to larger premises where its software development competency is housed, along with its range of application solutions, which are hosted in the cloud.

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