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New technologies represent the future of maintaining supply chain integrity and ensuring brand protection
New technologies represent the future of maintaining supply chain integrity and ensuring brand protection

New technologies represent the future of maintaining supply chain integrity and ensuring brand protection


Issued by Traceability Solutions - Mar 16th, 10:23

Are you 100% sure that the food in your kitchen is not counterfeit?

Overseas counterfeiters have diversified from fake designer handbags to food, trying to pass off poorer quality grown produce as genuine brands.

Consumer packaged goods companies are spending millions to promote, develop and protect brands. With supply chains becoming more diverse, the years ahead may become even more challenging when it comes to protecting the equity companies have established in many high profile brands.

A more robust supply chain, with the ability to track products from the beginning to the end, is a key component of any effort. The Brand Protection report said the use of smart labels/tags will continue to grow on products and that radio frequency identification (R.F.I.D.) will continue to grow throughout operations and the supply chain.

“It makes it easier for different types of automated processes to recognise what’s on the pallet and follow it through the operation, mainly on the distribution side,” said Jorge Izquierdo, vice-president of market development for the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (P.M.M.I.), Reston, Va.

“Use will increase in the future. Today we are talking about pallets. In the future, it may move to boxes and even secondary packaging.”

Mr. Izquierdo added that areas of vulnerability within the food and beverage supply chain remain at the very beginning, with the sourcing of ingredients, and at distribution, just before products reach the consumer.

Fruit growers & packers, wholesalers and retailers can now check the origin and shelf date of most fruits covertly or visibly, with the imminent release of Tracepack’s HACCP POLYtrust ® edible UV invisible and visible inks which comply with all FDA regulations for printing directly onto fruit & vegetables. We can show you a cost effective and simple way to ensure that your fruit products are the genuine article and not imported copies from overseas.

Tracepack can offer a complete traceability and anti-counterfeit solution using Poly thermal Inkjet printers & Inks focused purely on providing exporters with globally unique solutions that protect the company brand from counterfeit, substitution and other fraudulent actions.

We utilise innovative HP thermal POLYtij® UV invisible non-porous & HACCP food grade inks, combined with our encrypted barcode technology, real-time smartphone & android app with website authentication. POLYtrust® offers the ability to protect food, packaging & luxury items such as clothing, shoes, and sunglasses.

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