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NuMe Cake in a Cup.
NuMe Cake in a Cup.

NuMe Cake in a Cup gets a not so naughty facelift


Issued by SIMONSAYS communications - Jul 30th, 15:59

Nutriseed has announced that it’s given its NuMe Cake in a Cup – part of the “Not So Naughty” range - a facelift with new packaging that confirms its premium status. The upgraded packaging unifies all three products in this range – a strategic move that drives home the message that the baking premix is a healthy cheat that’s not so naughty; in fact, it’s functional food that’s good for you.

Confirming its position as “healthy” - the premix ingredients include desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, and baking powder (Cream of Tartar and Baking Soda). Water, egg, and oil are added – and for those with a craving for sweetness – honey, fructose or xylitol can be introduced.

Not just a packaging change – the product has also been enhanced with the inclusion of separate sachets of sugar-free chocolate discs which add extra ooze and even more decadence to an already mouth-watering treat. The premix itself remains unchanged. The Cake in a Cup is still made to the same high quality, honest standards; integrity without compromise.

A hot and steamy, gooey, chocolate dessert needs to reflect that. It’s for this reason that the packaging now pairs a rich chocolatey brown with gold – a colour chosen to represent the quality, sophistication, and superiority of the product. The new look establishes consistency across the ranges – enhancing the brand effect.

Nutriseed managing director Nadine Hardy-Petzer says, “Our new packaging design reflects our commitment to providing products that use only the finest ingredients and we are confident this new look will have broad audience appeal and acceptance. We believe consumers will appreciate the enhanced physical characteristics of the new look.”

Hardy-Petzer adds that baking doesn’t have to be complicated to be gourmet. “If you don’t agree – just try our Cake in a Cup. It’s a decadent treat you can make, eat and enjoy in less than 10 minutes. It’s especially good if you’re into chocolate – and who isn’t? A guilt-free pleasure that’s good for you.”

This premix is developed for those who have an appreciation for good health – but still want convenience and great taste all in one serving. Suitable for those who follow a banting, paleo, wheat- and gluten-free lifestyle – this dessert is low carb (less than 2gm of carbs per serving), high in protein, diabetic-friendly, and GMO-free. The credentials of the NuMe Cake in a Cup speak for themselves!

Described as versatile for good reason – you can add in nuts, berries, or nut butters to change things up. Once it’s cooked, top it with more decadence – grate chocolate over the top, pipe cream and drizzle liqueur over the desert – you can really dress it up or down depending on how wicked you want to make it.

The old packaging is currently being phased out and consumers can already expect to see the new gold packaging in store. It retails for around: R50 per box which comes standard with five sachets. It’s available from Pick n Pay, Clicks, independent retailers and all Dischem stores nationwide in the health and wellness or baking aid isles.


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