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Koos Visser and Happy Mohane from Orange River Cellars.
Koos Visser and Happy Mohane from Orange River Cellars.

Orange River Cellars expands portfolio with contemporary range of DeLush-ious wines


Issued by Media Vision - Feb 21st 2017, 09:49

Confidence in the growing local wine market and a constant desire to re-invent and innovate has led to the launch of an exciting new lifestyle range of wines from Upington-based Orange River Cellars. Named DeLush, the range consists of three naturally sweet wines: red, white and rosé, and is aimed at the dynamic new generation of wine drinkers in the fashionable younger black market.

The lively, yet sophisticated packaging offers this top-quality wine in 750 ml bottles as well as 3 and 5-litre bag-in-box options.

According to Koos Visser, marketing manager for Orange River Cellars, the DeLush concept originated with the reality of a growing local wine market in the fashion-conscious sector of black millennials.

“In the past year local wine sales have grown to 400m litres, 23m litres up on the corresponding period last year without showing any signs of abating,” says Visser. “Most of this growth has been in the sector of untraditional wine drinkers who make their choice of drink on the products’ visually uncomplicated and accessible sensorial appeal. These consumers want a product that looks good on the packaging side, tastes great and fits into their vibrant modern lifestyle. "

“Market research showed that traditional wine factors such as vineyards, varieties and geography does not play a role in this consumer segment. It is about creating an appealing name and a captivating brand and complementing it with delicious wines. This is what DeLush is.”

Visser says the DeLush concept is based on a wine related to a lifestyle offering flair and style, with a slight bit of intrigue and mystery aiming to capture current wine consumers as well as attract a new market who have yet to venture into the world of wine.

“The brand is the result of extensive and detailed planning,” says Visser. “This included thorough market research, a team of experienced designers and marketing experts as well as setting-up distribution channels and logistics to ensure the DeLush product will reach all parts of South and Southern Africa. Orange River Cellars’ scale of production and our storing and packaging facilities will help us to ensure a consistent supply of these fine wines.”

Happy Mohane, a member of the Orange River Cellars board of directors, says that DeLush is set to make a huge contribution to making wine appeal to a whole new era of consumers.

“As the growth in South African wine sales show, more and more people are discovering wine and making it their drink of choice,” he says.“To make this happen, we as wine producers have to think out of the box and provide a product that fits into the desired lifestyle of this new generation of consumers. DeLush definitely ticks all the right boxes in this regard. Not only does it mark an exciting new era for Orange River Cellars, but adds to the South African wine industry’s renewed focus on more contemporary market sectors.”

The price of the DeLush range is aligned to make all three offerings accessible to the consumer at the same relative price points. The recommended retail prices are:
750ml (R27), 3-litre BIB (R74) and 5-litre BIB (R108)

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