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Over 2.1M South Africans are using QR codes, and it’s growing exponentially
Over 2.1M South Africans are using QR codes, and it’s growing exponentially
QR Code
QR Code

Over 2.1M South Africans are using QR codes, and it’s growing exponentially


Issued by Surveway - Jun 8th 2016, 14:31

One area of Surveway's solutions is the “on-pack solution” for companies to gain insights from their consumer about their brand, linked to instant real-time coupons or vouchers, recipes or “how to” guides, you will be able to engage on a one-to-one basis with your consumer. We can use either a QR code or our own for shoppers who do not have a QR code reader on their phone. This ensures everyone who wants to interact with your offer can do so.

A smarter way to engage your consumers

How it works

Surveway gives your products a voice of their own. Instead of relying on passive packaging and advertising, Surveway helps you create direct interactions with consumers – at the point of sale, package review or ad delivery – on a real-time basis –supported by business analytics.

Surveway's Mobile Engagement Platform integrates next-generation QR Codes, or any type of trigger into an interactive marketing campaign—making it easy to deliver contextual and relevant messaging to your audience.

Engage instant coupons based on time of day, lead generation promos, purchase options, app downloads or surveys, in additional to launching URLs and many more options.

1. Generate unique consumer experiences designed for your needs

Use Surveway's Mobile Engagement Platform to quickly generate QR codes for your specific message.

2. Publish codes where they’ll have the greatest impact

Download your QR Code for placement on any physical media such as a product package, magazine advertisement, or billboard. The sky’s the limit.

3. Engage with consumers upon receiving scan request--which is when consumer interest is highest

People will scan your QR Codes using their smartphones— anywhere, anytime—accessing the free QR scanner app or many other third party mobile scanners.

4. Engage based on individual needs or placement of QR Code

The smartphone will read the code and automatically provide the desired outcome: connecting to a website, playing a video, launching an application, or purchasing a product.

5. Manage and monitor the business analytics

Surveway’s Mobile Engagement Platform provides the tools you need to track the performance of your QR Code campaigns. You’ll see scans by topic, scan volumes, time, location, demographics and phone type.

The Kinetica software platform Collects data, and transforms it into structured insights to help you direct your company or brand. For example, get your NPS (Net Promoter Score) and know how customers (or employees) feel about your brand in real-time.

We work across a broad range of industries and can use our experience to help you get the most valuable insights.

Easy to use reports in any format, in real-time, anytime, anywhere – via Mobile, PC, iPad, Web, Email, or SMS.
Contact: or call Christine Cuningham for a presentation on 084-477-7717. 

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