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Freesweet offers the sweetness of sugar minus the sin.
Freesweet offers the sweetness of sugar minus the sin.

Pioneer Foods in joint venture launch of all-natural sugar replacement - Freesweet


Issued by Corporate Image - Aug 1st, 08:46

Everyone knows that a diet high in sugar is damaging to your health, and contributes significantly to the obesity epidemic worldwide. Sugar has become public enemy No 1. But how does one find a suitable replacement when retail shelves are full of different sweeteners all claiming to be natural and healthy alternatives to sugar?

One of South Africa’s leading food manufacturers, Pioneer Foods is confident that it’s found the answer, and has entered into a Joint Venture (JV) with Freesweet to successfully bridge the gap between sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Freesweet is due on retail shelves in August and is a total sugar replacement unlike any other sweetener available locally or internationally. Freesweet contains no artificial ingredients: all are from natural sources and are GMO-free.

It is designed to replace sugar in a one to one ratio and is fully endorsed by the Diabetic Association. In addition to tasting great and being carb-free, low in calories, and with a low glycemic Index response; Freesweet has another advantage in that it bakes and caramelizes almost identically to sugar.

Deborah Good, creator and Chief Brand Officer of Freesweet, explains that she carefully developed the product over a four year period, importing ingredients from all over the world, to match, or even improve upon, the flavour profile of sugar - without the unpleasant side effects usually associated with other sweetener alternatives.

“Some alternative sweeteners have a laxative or bloating side effect and can leave a bitter aftertaste or mouth cooling sensation, while others use bulking agents that cause reduced satiety and could even be a precursor for obesity rebound,” and adds, “my objective was to create an entirely new offering in the category of natural sweetener that has health benefits when used responsibly and address the negative issues that artificial and other natural sweeteners are not getting right.” Once her product was submitted to and accredited by international food technologists and nutritional certification bodies, she set to work to introduce it to the market.

A partnership with Grant Rushmere, creator, and founder of Bos Ice Tea and the new CEO of Freesweet followed and the brand was on its way.

“Freesweet then found the perfect Joint Venture partner in Pioneer Foods. As a leader in the FMCG food sector, Pioneer Foods provides the ideal vehicle to an extensive market footprint and effective machinery to drive the brand. The company’s support allows us to focus on product development, packaging, and brand extension, as well as a 360-degree marketing activation plan that will position Freesweet as one of the most promising emerging brands in the South African market.”

Pioneer Foods’ Business Executive for Groceries, Martin Neethling, says the company is delighted to partner with Freesweet. “At Pioneer Foods, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, especially when it comes to introducing new products that support a healthy lifestyle. Freesweet is a great fit as it has been designed to convert people to a long-term sugar free diet, thereby reducing obesity levels and the associated health risks,” and explains, “as a natural product that can replace the addition of sugar on a one to one basis, we believe Freesweet will dominate the market in sugar alternatives - I don’t think I have ever been more excited about a brand’s unique selling points and potential.”

“FreeSweet is so much more than a well-researched formulation of natural ingredients; this is a product with social conscience that can positively change lives and be a significantly transformative contribution to one’s health,” says Good, “Initially Freesweet will be sold as a standalone natural sweetener, however, we are exploring options with Pioneer Foods to substitute the added sugar component with Freesweet in the production of its other brands - thereby significantly reducing sugar content without any noticeable sensory effect”. Neethling agrees, “Our long-term goal is to essentially replace the sugar in any product, and Freesweet’s formulation as a complete sugar replacement makes this possible in all applications, from foodstuffs to beverages”.

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