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Purity introduces newly re-formulated Ready to Eat Cereals


Jul 19th 2011, 13:48

Purity, the Baby Feeding Experts, are pleased to announce the re-launch of their new and improved Cereal range with added Nutripak, a special blend of added Vitamins and Minerals to help your baby be the best he or she can be.

Easy to digest and high in energy, these cereals are available in “Just Add Milk” and “Just Add Water” variants and contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

“Purity know moms want only the best to help their babies and toddlers become the best they can be which is why Purity’s Cereals offer her baby excellent nutrition for growth and development. In fact, most South African pediatricians in private practice who were surveyed recommend Purity for babies starting on solids,” concludes Bergh.

Three additional variants have been added to the Purity ‘Just Add Water’ range which will offer moms a greater choice and allow their babies to try various flavours. The variants are 2nd Food Fruity Custard Flavour (from 7 months), 2nd Food Apple and Pear Flavour (from 7 months) and 3rd Food Mango and Orange Flavour (from 8 months). Furthermore, some of the “Just Add Milk” variants are also gluten free and less likely to cause allergies than other wheat based cereals.

The Purity range can be found at all leading Pharmacies, Baby Specific Stores and major retail stores and the retail prices ranges between R17.45 and R19.99

For more information visit our website 

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