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Kim Herscovitz
Kim Herscovitz

Shopper-centric Marketing Takes Centre Stage at ACDOCOSA


Issued by PR Expert on behalf of ACDOCOSA - Nov 5th 2014, 10:49

In line with ACDOCO South Africa’s (ACDOCOSA) investment and repositioning as the first shopper-centric Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand-custodian distributor in Africa, the company has appointed Kim Herscovitz as its head of Shopper & Retail Marketing.

Currently Shopper Marketing departments straddle between sales and marketing securing funding and reporting to both or either. To support ACDOCOSA’s differentiated positioning the Shopper Marketing department has taken the lead with consumer marketing and brand sales falling under Herscovitz.

“Traditionally where boards or senior leadership teams were led by sales and/or marketing, ACDOCOSA’s front-end leadership team comprises of Shopper, Customer and Merchandising heads, no traditional sales, or marketing representation on the top-level,” explains Herscovitz, who previously spearheaded the marketing for brands such as Paul Mitchell, Canderel, Duracell, Old Spice and more in South Africa.

“My transition to a shopper-centric marketing approach started over seven years ago. With the majority of brand decisions being influenced at store, our portfolios consistently outperformed the market and respective categories both locally and internationally. It was never an easy or time efficient journey to get marketing and sales shopper alignment but the effort mostly always delivered unparalleled dividends.”

Herscovitz confirms that better alignment and processes could have reduced turnaround times thus opening more opportunities for even more growth. It was from this experience that she helped set the new operating strategy where the customer, shopper and merchandising & trade marketing heads pool in-market investment and have to jointly agree on all initiatives.

“This approach offers consumer, shopper, and channel congruency in addition to superior in-store compliance, reduced wastage and much higher returns versus the industry average,” she explains.

Chair of ACDOCOSA’s holding company in the United Kingdom, Brandon Pilling concludes, “Kim brings a wealth of experience having worked on many leading multi-national brands, but key is her depth of experience and knowledge on the shopper marketing side which continues to be a revered skill set both locally and internationally”. 

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