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Sir Fruit launches new berry juice
Sir Fruit launches new berry juice

Sir Fruit launches new berry juice


Issued by Butterknife PR on behalf Sir Fruit - Oct 9th 2014, 15:51

Sir Fruit - known for their juice being packed with fruit so you can see the goodness - has launched a new berry juice just in time for summer.

Their newest addition is bursting with whole blended Blackcurrants, Strawberries, Raspberries and Pressed Apple Juice and is packed with pips and bits that make this new berry juice special and unique.

“Our dream was to create a thick, dark and great tasting berry juice. A berry juice is not from concentrate, but made with proper berries. The end result is The Berries,” says Roanne Goldsmith, the Sir Fruit Marketing Manager. “We’ve squashed as many berries as possible into each bottle so it’s packed with bits and pips.”

The Sir Fruit juices have a thick consistency due to their pulp-based production process and are filled with bits because it is unfiltered. You can see the goodness as the juice separates, so remember to shake well. Look for The Berries in the fridge (not on the shelf), because it’s made with natural ingredients!

Launching with a bang

To celebrate that the new juice is literally bursting with berries, Sir Fruit has built a berry detonator so people of all ages can join in the fun and burst some berries to create their very own berry art. To find out more, look for #burstingwithberries on Twitter by the end of the week.

Have a look at some berry art on Facebook and Twitter.

Sir Fruit has become an award-winning supplier to stores and restaurants nationally. Expect to see the new The Berries next to their other recently launched Harrismith Apple flavour soon.

Sir Fruit’s “The Berries” will be available in 1.5 Litre and 500 ml packs.

About Sir Fruit:

SIR FRUIT is an independent entity owned by the 3 Baker brothers and Vijay Loosen.

SIR FRUIT uses only the best juicing fruit southern Africa has to offer. Most of their fruit juice is made using whole fruit (fruit pulp), meaning each flavour contains more of the original fruit. Due to the sensitive nature of their products, it has to be kept chilled. As it is real fruit it is very sensitive, a lot like fresh milk – that’s why you’ll only find it in the fridge.

SIR FRUIT is available nationally in SA’s top retail stores, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

Watch the awesome Berry Detonator activation in action, below:

For further details, visit:

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