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SKYN Condoms is on a mission to #SaveIntimacy
SKYN Condoms is on a mission to #SaveIntimacy

SKYN Condoms launches new #SaveIntimacy campaign


Issued on behalf of ACDOCO SA by Plato Communications - Aug 3rd 2018, 08:39

As we near 50 years since the birth of the sexual revolution, we’re faced with an all too real reality: that we’re having less sex now than we did a generation ago. That’s right. For the first time since the Second World War, love-making rates are going down.

As the brand of intimacy, SKYN has something to say about that. The world’s No.1 non-latex condom and lubricants brand has launched a new platform centred on one resounding purpose: Save intimacy, which is about celebrating technology that brings you together.

The campaign created with Sid Lee Paris rolls out with a brand film that transports us to an imagined, yet not so distant future – a future in which a universal dependence threatens fundamental human connection. An ultra-connected world where technology has taken over human interactions in which humanity has let smartphones, tabs, VR and technology innovations get the better of their sexuality.

An imaginative way to introduce SKYNFEEL™ technology, SKYN’s innovative ultra-thin and ultra-soft material for condoms. A technological revolution welcome in the bedroom – one designed to make you feel everything and get closer to your partner.

The brand brings to light an uncomfortable, yet irrefutable fact that technology is eating into all aspects of our daily lives, including bedroom time. “Today it’s easier to look at strangers’ everyday lives on Instagram than it is to meet someone in person. When Netflix launched, for example, sexual relations dropped 10%”, explained Céline and Clément Mornet-Landa (Creative Directors, Sid Lee Paris).

“Our aim was to strengthen SKYN’s brand territory by putting sexuality at the heart of both the social and sensual discussion,” said Mehdi Benali, Managing Director, Sid Lee Paris “We needed to shift away from a functional speech to speak to a target that didn’t want to choose between safe sex and great sex,” concluded Marta Toth, SKYN.

It’s just a first chapter in SKYN’s new platform and purpose: defending intimacy – stay tuned for more. ACDOCO SA is the exclusive distributor for SKYN in Southern Africa.

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