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Sureswipe’s POS LITE.
Sureswipe’s POS LITE.

Sureswipe’s POS LITE helps Jele Bebe improve business processes


Issued by P and P Communications on behalf of Sureswipe - Jun 7th, 12:40

Theamari Jonker - Owner and Director of Jele Bebe Teething Jewellery discusses how Sureswipe’s POS LITE helped her improve her business processes.

Tell us more about Jele Bebe and its products.

Jele Bebe is a teething jewellery business that my husband and I started over 3 years ago when we saw a product from the US and were so interested, we researched the South African market and found that there was nothing equivalent available locally.

Our teething products ease the teething process for babies and parents. Our range is multi-purpose - moms can wear the jewellery as fashion and stylish accessories, as well as use them to soothe their babies. Most importantly, all our products are made from excellent grade silicone beads, which are lead, BPA and Phthalate free.

What is Jele Bebe’s distribution model?

Jele Bebe distributes products directly through baby markets, expos and stork parties countrywide and we are in the process of expanding into retail stores. We target pregnant moms, moms with children and teething babies. We have an online store, which reaches both SA, Middle East and European markets.

What prompted you to acquire Sureswipe's POS LITE?

We started our relationship with Sureswipe when we first acquired their Move credit card processing device. Our experience with the company was great – the mobile device was efficient, fast and easy to use. Last year, we agreed to be part of Sureswipe’s trial for POS LITE and downloaded the mobile app and started using it immediately.

How has POS LITE made running your business easier?

POS LITE has brought a great deal of useful functionality to our business. We can now pull reports, segment sales into specific product categories and also get data on the different sales channels, such as online, markets and expos.

The analysis of this data has provided much-needed insights into our business. We can now log onto the online portal and track sales as they happen in real-time, and track progress remotely, particularly useful if we are running several markets and expos simultaneously.

We are enjoying the ability to track cash transactions which previously was very difficult in a busy market or expo environment. We now use POS LITE as a great platform to track cash transactions, as well as use it as our Point-of-Sale system.

POS Lite has made a huge difference to our business in terms of visibility of all our transactions, pulling reports easily and extracting insights from data to improve our business. The user experience has also been seamless and easy.

Why would you recommend Sureswipe's POS LITE to other businesses?

The most important aspect is the ability to pull data and perform analytics, which informs us about sales’ patterns and trends and allows us to develop a focussed strategy rather than a shotgun approach.

With the added functionality of POS LITE, we use it as a POS system rather than just logging card transactions and we can track products going off the floor.

Did you have experience with POS systems prior to using POS-Lite?

We have only used Sureswipe as a vendor since we started our business. We have received a lot of compliments from customers, who are impressed with the nifty, new generation card machine, as well as the speed of processing transactions compared to traditional card machines.

Our customers also enjoy receiving digital receipts via text or email versus printed receipt. From an electronic communication perspective, it’s great to have one vendor instead of several, as the mobile device simply links to your cell phone and is ready to go.

Can you list your three favourite things about POS LITE?

1. It provides you with visibility in order to populate /extract intelligence about sales trends
2. We can use it as a POS application as well as for card transactions, so we can track products and log cash transactions
3. The ability to electronically communicate receipts to customers

Why would you recommend Sureswipe as a payment solutions provider to your fellow business associates?

Yes, we would without a doubt recommend Sureswipe as a payment solution. We have introduced a lot of entrepreneurs to the system. From a cost perspective, the Move device is very competitive, and the Sureswipe customer service is great! I have a contact person at Sureswipe, so if I face any issues, I pick up the phone and they assist me or refer me to someone to solve the problem. Bear in mind that my card machine and system are my lifeline - if one goes down, my business is down.

One thing that Sureswipe is very proactive about is communicating potential issues to clients, such as problems with links to banks, so we always know what to expect. This kind of proactive attitude and transparency is very important.

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