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Tropika 2lt pack

Download the Tropika 2lt PDF document
Download the Tropika 2lt PDF document

Tropika 2lt pack


Oct 11th 2011, 09:06

The Brand

Tropika is currently the market leader in the Dairy Fruit mix category, short-shelf life juice category and a dominant player in the total fruit juice market.

The brand enjoys a heritage of more than a quarter century with our consumers which keep us as the Number 1 brand in the Dairy Fruit mix category.

Target Market

LSM 5 - 10; Black Skew; Primary : Mother's as 'gatekeepers' for take home purchase.

Market Background

Introducing new packaging concepts remains an effective strategy to create new focus, awareness and volume growth for a well established brand in the market, such as Tropika.

Market Description

The primarymarket is defined as the Dairy Fruit Mix market and secondary as the Short-shelf life juice market. However the brand is not restricted to this market but also competes for "share-of -throat" against all fruit juices, squashes, cordials and soft drinks.

Market Size & Statistics

The DFM market in South Africa is an estimated volume of 64 million litres and has a value of over R602 million in the Top End channel*

Product Description

The new pack will feature the same trusted fresh Dairy Fruit Mix formulation, packed in the 2lt pack size with a 45 day refrigerated shelf life.Click here for more information on Clover Beverages 

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