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Unbottle the magic at Clover Visitors Centre

Unbottle the magic at Clover Visitors Centre


Issued by JNPR - Apr 3rd, 18:23

At Clover, love is in the name and it's certainly in the practices, so why not take a trip down to the Clover Visitor Centre in Clayville, one of the several Clover beverage factories around the country. The centre provides an opportunity to explore, experience and encounter all of the wonder and magic that is easily bottled up and delivered for your enjoyment and refreshment.

Both educational and insightful, the Clover Visitors Centre offers a magical tour to offer, irrespective of age, and it is free! The free tours are designed to constructively engage with kids, students, investors and corporates and will be sure to channel their creativity and challenge them academically, resulting in a visually arresting and mindfully stimulating visit. At Clover, we believe our story is one worth telling, and sharing in the knowledge and nutritional and benefits of Clovers products is our promise of transparency.

Fun Facts about Clover Beverages

• On average, the Clayville Factory produces enough Tropika every month to fill to capacity, the Glen Melville Reservoir, in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. That’s a lot of zeros but still tons of nutrients in the mix of milk and juice!
• The factory produces enough Krush to fill one Olympic sized swimming pool each month, meaning that quite a few people are already enjoying in the great-tasting, yet super-healthy juice. Who wouldn’t love to swim in a pool filled with your favorite juice?!
• Clover Clayville produces enough Life Nectar juice to fill 12 537 baths. Guess, the Nectar of Clover certainly is sweet!

The Clover Visitors Centre will offer a unique behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite Clover products are made. Afterward, you’ll head back to the Clover Visitors Centre where the tour will end with an opportunity to taste a selection of Clover’s delicious products.


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