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Unlike other printing technology, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers operate at low cost because they run for many hours before requiring a service.
Unlike other printing technology, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers operate at low cost because they run for many hours before requiring a service.

Uninterrupted production for high-pressure coding environments


Issued by iWrite on behalf of Pyrotec - Nov 1st 2018, 08:18

The first extensive development of inkjet printing technology began in the early 1950s and is now one of the oldest printing technologies still in use. It is ideal for an array of uses in many industries and capable of marking most substrates. In high-pressure production environments its versatility, printing tolerances, reliability and cost-effectiveness are what manufacturers most appreciate.

This simple technology works by creating a continuous flow of ink by pushing liquid ink through a gun body and microscopic nozzle via a high-pressure pump. Many industries demand high-speed printing, which the CIJ is capable of achieving. A non-contact continuous ink system, CIJ virtually eliminates potential damage to packaging or products during the printing process. It is perfect for use in harsh environments and can be used with a variety of inks depending on industry needs. Solvent-based inks that contain alcohol or ketones may be used in CIJ printers to ensure fast drying times.

Graphics printing, expiration dates, and barcodes can be achieved using small character CIJ printers, which offer precision and work seamlessly with surfaces that are curved, flat, or textured.

The 9018 small character inkjet printer from Markem-Imaje, locally distributed by Pyrotec PackMark, offers innovation and simplicity. With its all-inclusive M6’ ink circuit, production can run uninterrupted. The easy-to-change M6’ ink circuit can be clicked-in and clicked-out in less than six minutes using no specialised tools. Additionally, its innovative cartridge system and associated ink (MEK-free and permanent ink) make set-up automatic and clean, optimising operators’ time and overall production uptime.

The Markem-Imaje 9018 is smart, easy to run and, with its straightforward design, is ready to print within minutes of purchase, even in the harshest environments.

The primary benefits of the 9018 are that it prints up to four lines at speeds of up to 3m/s. It creates logos directly from the operator/machine interface while jet speed control guarantees marking quality. The 9018 automatically selects fonts, and a wide choice of characters, depending on print speed and printhead/object distance. Additionally, its mono-jet printhead offers a resolution of 71dpi, font heights from 5 to 24 dots, and character heights of 1.8 to 8.7mm.
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