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Valvejet 4700
Valvejet 4700

Valvejet 4700 improves uptime, flexibility and readability


Issued by iWrite on behalf of Pyrotec - Feb 11th, 09:20

With the launch of the 4700 drop-on-demand (DOD) valvejet coder from Markem-Imaje, valvejet printer users can now add ink on-the-fly without stopping high-speed production. They can also print two sides of a case simultaneously or very large characters on one side to enhance code readability and help minimise logistics mistakes.

When printing variable information onto cases, manufacturers need to produce legible characters while minimising coding-related downtime. The valvejet line extension, available locally from Pyrotec Packmark, lets manufacturers reduce logistics errors. Readability is enhanced with the ability to print larger codes and an option of dual-side printing to make content visible from multiple directions. Plus, improved ink capacity and reservoir maximises uptime as there are fewer line stoppages.

Large, highly-visible information on many types of materials

In any direction, the 4700 DOD valvejet coder can print text, time, date, shift codes, counters, images, and variable data supplied from an external source via a serial port.

With a choice of 7 or 16 nozzle printheads, users can code up to 56mm-high content with a single printhead or stitch print two printheads together to create even larger messages of up to 114mm high on one side of a case. Large characters are useful as information is more legible at a distance to help simplify logistics and avoid errors.

Another option to improve readability is to mount a second printhead on the opposite side of the cases so that the printed content is visible from various directions.

A wide selection of black or coloured inks can be used on porous or non-porous materials such as cardboard, coated cardboard, plastics, glass, metal, PVC and wood. This makes the printer suitable for many applications including food and beverage, consumer products, agriculture and construction.

Greater productivity with less operator intervention

The printer is suitable for lines running up to 90m/min. And, its 5- or 20-litre ink canisters, coupled with a reservoir tank, allow for more product coding without having to stop production lines to add more ink. Furthermore, its IP54 rating ensures reliable operation even in dusty environments and when splashed with water.

User-friendly features

While its size depends on the precise configuration chosen, this valvejet coder is so compact it can fit into some of the most inaccessible production lines and environments. Additionally, through a simple I/O connection it liaises seamlessly with other equipment for message selection, error output, and weight scale integration for example.

Content creation is similarly simple with the use of a seven-inch colour touchscreen with intuitive icons and the ability to design codes in 31 languages.

‘In today’s fast-paced production environment, manufacturers need to maximise the amount of product going out their doors and to code their cases in ways that simplify logistics processes and minimise the potential for mistakes,’ says Greg Kasprzak, senior current product marketing manager at Markem-Imaje. ‘This modernised valvejet printer makes this easier to achieve than ever before.

Availability of the printer varies by market and will evolve over time. To find out more about the 4700 DOD valvejet coder, contact Pyrotec Packmark.

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