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Welcome summer, welcome wellness!

Freshpak Baby Rooibos
Freshpak Baby Rooibos
Welcome summer, welcome wellness!
Welcome summer, welcome wellness!

Welcome summer, welcome wellness!


Nov 12th 2013, 13:07

Freshpak launches a new look for their wellness and baby teabags

With summer’s return comes a fresh new focus on wellness, as we prepare for a fit and healthy holiday season! In anticipation of warmer days and healthier ways, Freshpak, the market leader in Rooibos Tea, began unveiling their new packaging for their Wellness and Baby Teas in mid-October.

The cylinder packaging for the Wellness Teas has been replaced with a more affordable carton packaging. This brings the recommended retail price down from R24.99 to R13.99. The bold, vibrant colours of the new packaging also makes the teas stand out on the shelf so you can easily find the custom designed blend most suitable for your health needs. The trio of Freshpak Wellness Teas combine the health benefits of Rooibos with additional natural supplements to create delicious teas that combat common health issues: Ginseng for increased energy, Hoodia for staying in shape and Senna to assist with digestion.

The Baby Tea has replaced the cylinder packaging with a stay-fresh foil pouch. The new packaging contains 40 teabags compared to the 20 offered in the cylinder; you benefit from the greater affordability associated with buying in bulk. Freshpak Baby’s Organic Rooibos Tea is perfect for babies from six months: naturally caffeine free and rich in anti-oxidants, it tastes great and is gentle on little tummies. This brings the recommended selling price down from R23.99 to R10.79.

The health benefits of Rooibos Tea have long been championed. With Freshpak’s new, more affordable packaging, these benefits are now accessible to a wider audience. It’s time to celebrate summer on your doorstep and wellness at your fingertips!

“Grab your preferred pack at your nearest retailer, Freshpak, feel so good”.Click here for more information on Freshpak 

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