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Traceability Solutions stocks a variety of tamper-evident laser markable materials developed for asset labelling applications.
Traceability Solutions stocks a variety of tamper-evident laser markable materials developed for asset labelling applications.

Why labelling is important and how Traceability Solutions can assist with labelling


Issued by Traceability Solutions - Mar 4th, 11:01

Traceability Solutions range of industrial label applicators offers the most reliable, on-demand labelling solutions for any industry. They perform even in the most difficult conditions. The key benefits of our labellers are flexibility, clean and easy to use, generate very low waste, no mechanical components to change and operator friendly interface.

1. Regulatory Compliance is one of the most important reasons why you need to focus on proper industrial labelling. If you are using certain hazardous chemicals, for example, you will need to have the containers labelled using the proper industry standards, in addition, you must put these types of labels on any products that contain these chemicals before distribution.

2. Tracking Maintenance Tasks- Many facilities use industrial labelling to distinguish different machines or vehicles within the facility. If you have an industrial label maker, you can print off a label that has a bar code or other easily identifiable marks. This can then be scanned by the maintenance team every time they change the oil or perform any other type of work. This can help them to log all the activities they have done, and even make it so all their activities are tracked through computer programs.

3. Locating Safety Equipment - Using labels to show people, where different types of safety equipment are located, can be a great way to help people get where they need to go in an emergency.

4. Marking Ownership - Many facilities have items that are fairly small, but extremely valuable in use at the facility. These items are sometimes at risk of being stolen and putting a tamper-proof label on them will be a good deterrent. High-quality tamper-proof labels will be very difficult to remove, and it will make it clear that it is owned by the facility, even if someone brings it home.

5. Pipe Markings - Most facilities have dozens of pipes that run all through the facility. It can be extremely difficult to track them from the source to the destination, which is often necessary when looking to perform maintenance or other work on the pipes. Having industrial labels placed on the pipes every 20’ or so will really help make it easier to identify what pipe is what. This type of labelling can be something as simple as a solid colour that represents a specific type of pipe, or you can print off a label with a description on it. Whatever you decide to do, having these labels on the pipes throughout the facility will make it easier to work on them, and safer as well.

Traceability Solutions stocks a variety of tamper-evident laser markable materials developed for asset labelling applications.

Our High-Security Asset Labels are generally used as tamper-evident labels for high-security applications. The asset label material has a double-layer brittle acrylic film that disintegrates when tampered with. These labels have been tried and tested in several industries as well as over the entire life of labelled assets and are regarded as a high-performance product for asset labelling applications.

We supply and mark this high-security material by using sophisticated laser marking systems, which minimizes the risk of counterfeiting.

The benefits of using high security, tamper evident materials include:

• Easy peel and stick application.
• Label backing is highly resistant against chemicals, abrasion, and temperature.
• Resin-modified acrylic adhesive is suitable for even low energy surfaces.
• Labels are durable.
• Fast turn-around time.
• Quality of marking is assured.
• Marking options available include, but are not limited to, 2D Codes, Barcodes, and Alphanumerical Sequences.
• Labels can be manufactured in any shape or size

Traceability Solutions have a wide range of industrial tags and metal asset label which will survive practically any environment. The following range of InfoSight tags are available, PermaLabels®, ToughTags™, FoamTag™, KettleTag™ Plus, AlumaTag™, Pic-Anneal®, X-Tag™ - Forge & Foundry Tags, Paint Tag™, Shot Tag™ and Embed-a-Tag™.

Traceability Solutions' range of non-contact laser printers is designed to work like a PC printer and compact enough to fit into the smallest of available areas. They are fully PC-compatible, and the bundled free Producer software makes it easy to produce high-quality metal barcode tags in just minutes. The LabeLase 1000 Metal tag Printer is designed to function as a standard desktop PC-compatible printer and fits into just as small space, it plugs directly into the back of your PC, and with the bundled software you will be printing high-quality metal bar code tags in just minutes.

5 important functions of labelling:

1. A label on a product describes the product and specify the content like date of manufacturing, batch numbers, serial number etc.
2. Labelling makes the identification process of a product so much easier.
3. When a product has different qualities, labelling helps to find out which pack contains what type of quality
4. Labels today can be used as an effective way of marketing to consumers
5. Providing information required by law

Thanks to a robust structure and high-quality components, Traceability Solutions labelling systems are suitable for any industrial context, even in the most difficult conditions (critical environments and heavy workloads), they guarantee performance and reliability at the top end of the market. The key benefits are they are reliable, very low downtime, no glue to feed in, heat or clean up, flexible and efficient and available in a range of configurations.

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