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Township Shopper Marketing Summit

Start Date:
May 10th, 00:00

End Date:
May 11th, 00:00

Bryanston Country Club, Jhb,

Township Shopper Marketing Summit


Feb 14th, 10:49

The tenth annual briefing: Insights about the hidden tenant markets, it’s a big opportunity, we announce the Kasi Star Brand Awards and why they won; the rise of Kasi traditional foods; we interview the Director of SA Chefs Association; how peoples’ lifestyles and cultures influence their spending priorities; how brands can enhance black business women; a group of young people are interviewed about the impact of international trends and brands; we look at Black Twitter, WhatsApp, the power of music with fascinating case studies. AND it’s now time to check the topics and speakers, you’ll want to know what they know.

For more information: townshipshoppermarketingsummit18jhb1011may