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Honey Badger
Honey Badger, a new bold sweet red, has been introduced to the South African market, appealing to those who prefer a rich, ripe and sumptuously fruity wine.

Lured by the honeyguide bird to the tempting dangers of the beehive, Africa’s Honey Badger attacks with little concern for the stinging consequences. Thanks to the help from its feathered friend, the Honey Badger is able to reap its sweet reward. 
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Honey Badger

Honey Badger Sweet Red

Fully ripe grapes are harvested by hand, crushed separately and left on the skins to extract as much flavour as possible. Fermentation is stopped to preserve natural fruit sugars and vibrant flavours in the varieties before brief maturation partly on oak and then final blending.
Product Code101802
Unit Size750ml
Unit Barcode6001506905374
Case Barcode16001506905555
Case Config6 x 750ml
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Honey Badger Sweet Red



Telephone +27 021 870 4200  Fax+27 021 874 1531  E-mail  
Address 724 Sixteenth Road, Halfway house, 1685, South Africa  
Postal PO Box 7896, Halfway House, 1685, South Africa  


Telephone +27 021 870 4200  Fax+27 021 874 1531  E-mail  
Postal PO Box 246, Wellington, 7654, South Africa  


Telephone +27 021 870 4200  Fax+27 021 874 1531  E-mail  
Postal PO Box 246 Wellington, 7654, South Africa  

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