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DISTELL – Spirits, RTD’s, Fruit Cocktails
At Distell, we create brands quite literally from the ground up. Each brand starts as a tiny seed - or a germ of an idea - and is then crafted and nurtured to its final perfection through years of care and dedication.

We harvest the raw materials from the earth, blend it with our own passion, and shape it into brands that have become icons of companionship, relaxation and celebration.

We turn ideas into assets.  
Amarula Cream

Amarula Cream

Amarula Cream dates back to 1989 when it first appeared on the South African market. Since then it has grown into a world leader and today its great taste is enjoyed in more than 160 countries on all continents.
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Bisquit Cognac

Bisquit Cognac

Bisquit vs Classique is elaborated with grapes that mainly come from the Fins Bois area in Cognac, expressing the finesse of a lively cognac.
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Latest Activity

Amarula steps up on its African elephant conservation effort 08
Amarula steps up on its African elephant conservation effort
Amarula release 400 000 bespoke bottles.
 Scottish Leader teams up with Dennis Chuene to showcase a 'new perspective'29
Scottish Leader teams up with Dennis Chuene to showcase a 'new perspective'
“Where I grew up, we called it the mshana bag. But across the continent of Africa, the bag has many names: the China bag, mme se keile, Ghana-must-go, khumbul'ekhaya. Each of those names has a story behind it, but each story has one thing in common. They’re all stories about a struggle for a better life. Because this bag, much like most people living on this continent, hasn’t had things easy,” says South African designer, Dennis Chuene.
Amarula launches global campaign to save African elephants03
Amarula launches global campaign to save African elephants
With less than 400 000 African elephants left and one lost every 15 minutes of every day to ivory poaching, experts indicate that this majestic species will be extinct by 2030! To protect Africa’s heritage and further entrench their commitment to conservation, Amarula has joined forces with Kenyan-based conservation organisation WildlifeDirect, working closely with their CEO Dr Paula Kahumbu.
 Double gold for SA’s first whiskey 07
Double gold for SA’s first whiskey
The Three Ships Select, launched in 1977 as South Africa’s first whisky product, has been awarded with a double gold at the 2016 China Wine and Spirits Awards. Andy Watts, master distiller of Three Ships Whisky says it’s incredible that a whisky at such a competitive price point receives such recognition. “If one considers that back in 1977 when we first made this whisky, the South African whisky industry was non-existing. Over the years we have invested in modern technology, created a dedicated barrel policy and refined our own unique style of whisky-making. The brand Three Ships also expanded to include an additional three different whiskies, each with their own style expression and internationally award-winning.”