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Bisquit Cognac
Bisquit VS Classique
Bisquit VS Classique is elaborated with grapes that mainly come from the Fins Bois area in Cognac, expressing the finesse of a lively cognac.

Colour: A bright golden colour
Nose: A bouquet of yellow fruits with a hint of honey, and touches of vanilla and fine oak
Taste: A marriage of fresh fruits like cherry-plum, pear and citrus fruits
Finish: A smooth cognac with generous aftertaste and a sensation of freshness
Serving suggestion: Perfect neat at room temperature, over ice or in long refreshing drinks

VS stands for “Very Special”

Latest Award
Silver medal “Best in class” in the 2010 IWSC
(International Wine and Spirit Competition)

Bisquit VSOP
Bisquit VSOP Fine Champagne is elaborated with grapes only coming from the two most sought after Cognac areas, Grande and Petite Champagne. These unique eaux-de-vie have the greatest ageing potential.

Colour: From copper to amber
Nose: A subtle nose with touches of blossoming flowers, candied fruit like dried apricot and soft spices reminding of cinnamon
Taste: A round and supple first impression followed by subtle hints of gingerbread, cinnamon and cloves
Finish: Persistent aromas of candied fruit and vanilla in the aftertaste with a slight touch of toffee
Serving suggestion: Perfect neat at room temperature, with a dash of water or over ice

VSOP stands for “Very Superior Old Pale”

Latest Award
Silver medal ‘Best in Class’ in the 2010 IWSC
(International Wine and Spirit Competition) 
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Bisquit Cognac

Bisquit VS Classique

The VS Classique style is defined by its softness and freshness, revealing a bouquet of fruity aromas with deeper notes of vanilla, cinnamon and oak
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Bisquit VS Classique

Bisquit VSOP

VSOP is smooth and mellow in character with a long finish. On the nose and in the palate, the VSOP reveals a bouquet of full, ripe fruit flavours
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Bisquit VSOP


Distinctive, rich aromas with a full body and lingering smoothness. On the nose and on the palate, the XO bouquet reveals strong hints of wood, nuances of smoke and rich fruit flavours.
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Latest Bisquit Cognac Brand Activity

Bisquit Cognac: for the sophisticated gentleman this Father’s Day
Bisquit Cognac: for the sophisticated gentleman this Father’s Day
2014-05-29 07:54:00
Aimed at the discerning gentleman, Bisquit Cognac understands that true wealth means making time to enjoy the finer things in life.

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