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Fatti’s & Moni’s
In 1896, Luigi Fatti opened the doors of his tiny grocery store to do business with the citizens of a young Johannesburg. To cater for the many Italians in this roaring and hard-drinking community, the little shop sold specialities such as macaroni, olive oil and wines from Italy.

Ten years later, in 1906, Pietro and Giacomo Moni established Moni Brothers Limited, which catered to the rising demand for Italian beverages and delicacies. Business flourished so much so, that soon the Monis established an Italian Club, with a membership of 500 people.

In 1914, World War I began making the importation of goods impossible, persuading the Moni brothers that it was time to manufacture their own goods locally. In 1915 the Italian Warehouse Company was registered in Johannesburg, and the Monis installed their first machines at the back of their premises.

By 1917 Fatti's business had grown to such an extent that he had a staff of 31 people and rivalry between Luigi Fatti and the Moni brothers grew stronger until, 1925, a peace treaty was signed between the two families which resulted in the formation of the United Macaroni Factories.

In 1930, despite difficult times due to the Wall Street crash, the Monis opened their first wheat mill in Cape Town to safeguard the supply of their raw materials. By 1953, the Moni brothers secured the controlling Fatti interest in the business and in 1967 they built a large wheat mill and pasta complex in Isando.

In 1982, Tiger Oats took over the controlling interest and the United Macaroni Company became known as Fatti's & Moni's. Today Fatti's & Moni's is part of Tiger Food Brands Limited, South Africa 's largest food company, and continues to make the fine quality pasta that South Africans have always loved.
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Fatti’s & Moni’s

Fatti’s & Moni’s

A South African icon, Fatti's & Moni's proudly produces the most delicious & authentic pasta, holding pride of place in every South African home.
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