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Amazon launches Truth & Fable occasion-wear range.
Amazon launches Truth & Fable occasion-wear range.

Amazon launches Truth & Fable occasion-wear range


By Ben Stevens - Apr 6th 2018, 14:27

Amazon has launched a new women’s occasion wear brand that focuses on luxury items and “taking inspiration from the red carpet”.

Truth & Fable is Amazon’s third own-brand private fashion label, alongside street style-focused Find and lingerie brand Iris & Lily.

It has launched its first spring/summer 2018 range including 28 dresses, suits and separates ranging from £34 to £135

“Truth & Fable is fun, elegant and confident,” Amazon Fashion private brands vice president Frances Russell said.

“We want to provide our customer with a beautifully designed, affordable outfit that will make them feel great for any occasion.”

The range’s senior designer Claire Baker told Refinery29: “As part of the creative process my team and I think about what details will make her stand out and feel special, whether it’s a beautifully embroidered trim, intricate print or an elegant silhouette with a surprise back detail."

“For this collection, we were particularly inspired by the different vintage archives we have explored in different European cities as well as research into iconic Italian 1950s parties, horse racing events from the 1980s, to the Hollywood stars from the 1990s.”
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