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The retail giant will use the Viva solution by SAS across its supply chain, having completed an 18-month trial of the same.
The retail giant will use the Viva solution by SAS across its supply chain, having completed an 18-month trial of the same.

Carrefour to use AI for supply chain optimisation


NamNews - Jan 15th, 15:19

Carrefour has announced plans to use artificial intelligence to optimise its inventory management, making it the first French retailer to do so. 

The retail giant will use the Viva solution by SAS across its supply chain, having completed an 18-month trial of the same. Viva will be used to collect and process data from stores, warehouses, and e-commerce sites to better predict demand and refine supplier orders.

The move will initially be used for food products and will later cover non-food products as well, and is expected to ultimately reduce stock outages and overstocking in stores and warehouses.

Carrefour added that the use of AI will allow people in new occupations (such as data scientists and demand planners) to “work in parallel on forward planning tasks”. It also expects the move to make teams “more agile by allowing them to integrate new working methods and continuously improve their forecasting processes". Additionally, Carrefour will have the chance to develop its own customised algorithms to meet its specific needs.

Franck Noël-Fontana, Forecast Director at Carrefour France, noted: “The deployment of the SAS platform will help us turn the corner in optimising our supply chain. By freeing up time for teams, artificial intelligence will allow them to focus on developing differentiated forecasting strategies and better meeting customer expectations while reducing waste.”

Boualem Alouache, Retail Director SAS France, added: “Beyond the operational benefits of a fluid and efficient supply chain, this project will also improve the Carrefour customer experience. Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, this Big Data project will optimise each step in the supply chain and increase customer satisfaction. We are proud to be driving the success of this project, with Capgemini’s support at the integration phase.”

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