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Google getting more serious about brick-and-mortar retail
Google getting more serious about brick-and-mortar retail

Google getting more serious about brick-and-mortar retail

INTERNATIONAL NEWS - Nov 29th 2016, 09:12

Google is expanding its brick-and-mortar presence.  

Following the opening of its New York City pop-up store last month, Google has partnered with Best Buy to amp up its retail presence.

Starting on Nov. 18, 10 Google shops will begin opening in Best Buy locations across Canada, to be followed by four larger and more interactive shops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Mississauga later this year. The in-store Google shops are designed to allow shoppers to fully experience and test drive the company's growing family of tech devices, including Pixel, Daydream View, and Chromecast Ultra. The shops are part of Best Buy's redesigned "Experience Store” format that boast state-of-the-art renovations and enhancements.

In addition to product, the in-store shops feature an immersive “Portal” display that invites shoppers to 'fly' over the planet through Google Earth, explore what people around the world are searching for, and play with other Google apps.

In other highlights, shoppers can book one-on-one appointments with Google “guides,” take part in hands-on daily workshops to learn the ins and outs of Google tech, and sign up for seasonal events led by YouTube creators, popular tech experts, and others.

"We're proud of the collaboration with Best Buy and their new Experience Stores, particularly as the concept aims to enhance the traditional way of shopping and aligns with Google's immersive approach," said Janell Fischer, director of retail marketing at Google. "Google shops bring a whole new way for shoppers to experience and interact with our products, complete with trained Google guides who will be onsite to offer one-on-one tech help.”From 

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