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The global avocado consumption amounted to 6.3M tonnes, surging by 8% against the previous year.
The global avocado consumption amounted to 6.3M tonnes, surging by 8% against the previous year.

Insights into the global avocado market


Index Box - Oct 19th 2018, 08:02

According to the report “World - Avocado - Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights”, recently published by IndexBox, the global avocado consumption amounted to 6.3M tonnes, surging by 8% against the previous year.  

Overall, the total consumption indicated a prominent increase from 2007 to 2017: it volume increased at an average annual rate of +5.8% over the last decade. The trend pattern, however, indicated some noticeable fluctuations throughout the analyzed period. Based on 2017 figures, the avocado consumption increased by +82.6% against 2008 indices. The most prominent rate of growth was recorded in 2009 when the consumption increased by 15% from the previous year. Global avocado consumption peaked in 2017 and is likely to see steady growth in the midterm.

The Dominican Republic Drives the Global Demand
In 2017, the countries with the highest volumes of avocado consumption were Mexico (1.1M tonnes), the U.S. (1M tonnes), and the Dominican Republic (671K tonnes), with a combined 45% share of global consumption. These countries were followed by Indonesia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, China, Rwanda, Kenya, France and Canada, which together accounted for a further 28%.
The highest levels of avocado per capita consumption were registered in the Dominican Republic (62 kg per person, 2017), followed by Rwanda (12 kg per person), Peru (8,703 kg per 1000 persons), and Mexico (8,527 kg per 1000 persons), while the world average per capita consumption of avocado was estimated at 834 kg per 1000 persons.

The Dominican Republic (+27.3% per year) recorded the highest growth rate of avocado consumption, among the main consuming countries, over the last decade, while the other global leaders experienced more modest paces of growth.

Mexico Continues to Dominate World Production
The country with the largest volume of avocado production was Mexico (2M tonnes), comprising approx. 33% of total production. Moreover, avocado production in Mexico exceeded the figures recorded by the world's second largest producer, the Dominican Republic (686K tonnes), threefold. The third position in this ranking was occupied by Peru (527K tonnes), with a 9% share.

In Mexico, avocado production expanded at an average annual rate of +5.7% over the period from 2007-2017. The remaining producing countries recorded the following average annual rates of production: the Dominican Republic (+14.1% per year) and Peru (+15.8% per year).
The general positive trend of orange output was largely conditioned by a slight expansion of the harvested area and a mild growth in yield figures.

In 2017, the global avocado harvested area amounted to 601K ha, coming up by 5% against the previous year. The harvested area had been increasing at an average annual rate of +4.1% from 2007 to 2017; however, the trend pattern indicated some noticeable fluctuations in certain years. The most prominent rate of growth was recorded in 2014, an increase of 6% against the previous year.

The average avocado yield stood at 10 tonne per ha in 2017, increasing by 2% against the previous year. There were significant differences in the average yield amongst the major producing countries. In 2017, the country with the highest yield was the Dominican Republic (48 tonne per ha), while Chile (4.3 tonne per ha) was amongst the lowest.

The U.S. Ranks 1st in Imports
The U.S. is the key importer of avocados in the world, with the volume of imports reaching 928K tonnes, which was approx. 44% of total imports in 2017. The Netherlands (207K tonnes) held a 10% share (based on tonnes) of total imports, which put it in second place, followed by France (7%), Canada (6%), the UK (5%), and Spain (5%). The following importers - Germany (71K tonnes), Japan (61K tonnes), and China (32K tonnes) together made up 8% of total imports.

Full report: World - Avocado - Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights


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